The power of gratitude attitude

gratitude attitude rabbit


A rabbit’s words of wisdom in The Holistic Animal Handbook: A Guide to Nutrition Health and Communication.

The animal quotes in this book are provided by animal communicator Kate Solisti.

Like I have posted before, animals eat with great, great gratitude and they often bless their food as well.

Are you grateful (really grateful) for every bit of food you get?

If you eat without giving loving gratitude, the food you put into your mouth becomes “junk food”.  Even the so called “healthy” options people love to talk about so much these days. Because the cells can use food and water that is blessed and enjoyed with gratitude much better, it is crucial to be more aware of the energies (intentions, thoughts) you put to the food/water you eat. Every meal becomes “power food” with the fuel of your loving and grateful thoughts…

You are the key. You make it happen. 

Animals know that. What about humans? Not so often. They are too busy to give it a thought… They just grab something on the go “because you have to eat something”! Maybe once in a year, when it is Thanksgiving… or Christmas or Sunday brunch.

I mean, c’mon, who blesses his or her food – really blesses it with gratitude and all – these days??!

Well, I do. It took me a while to learn to remember it on a daily basis, but now I can say that I am there. I have read so many animal communication books and animals talk about this subject in them a lot. Naturally I strive to remember to bless the food I offer to my beloved Sacred Birman as well, even in the morning when I am grumpy and sleepy and hardly know what I am doing.

“Eating like an animal” gets a whole new meaning, when you jump into the world of animal wisdom. :o)

Enjoy your Halloween, Thanksgiving or whatever meals you ever have with great gusto, gratitude and love!

Even the candies. Especially the candies.