What does the crow say?

Animal communicator Coryelle Kramer and ReikiFurBabies have began an interesting journey together: they have been attuning animals to reiki. That is something many reiki masters have done, but these people are attuning thousands and thousands of (wild) animals at the same time — to help to heal this planet and raise its vibrations.

Needless to say, these people, work in the name of the Highest Good.

I like that in a person.

It is also more than cool to hear what the animals think about the process.

So far, Coryelle has blogged about humming birds, deers, hawks, bees and wild mustangs.

crow heart
Drawing by Lea Pihlman.


The testimonials about the animal attunements, crows were attuned just a couple of days ago, make you very humble.

But animals often do that…

When you know that you will never look at the animal in the same way you did before, then you know that they have done it, reached your heart, and you have changed for good. It does happen a lot in the world of animal communication.

 Well, what does the Crow, the latest attunee, say?

crows from reikifurbsabies blog

“We only hear what we need and now we hear and feel compassion and understanding, healing energy for all. This is not just an attempt, but a real success from you to us, because of your passion to heal this ensures the success of all the Universe and the creatures that share this space. More harmony will come to everyone because of this enormous effort put forth. Every day you are achieving your goals of helping and healing. The past is gone but today and now the future will forever be brighter because of you 3.”

This is a brilliant project.

I love the way it is unfolding, naturally, like everything always is in the Web of Love.

The animals do know what is going on out there, they will come and ask for these attunements, too, one animal/species at a time… It is pure magic, and I witnessed the same thing when we published The Power of Silent Wisdom  years ago. The animals who wanted to share their wisdom in our magazine, just came to us. We did not need to go out there to look for them…

Whatever you are looking for, it is already looking for you. Yes. that seems to be the motto of the web of love.

I love the fact that it was a reiki student, who got the message from the wild mustangs that they wish to be attuned.  Coryelle, who is highly intuitive medium, confirmed this, but make no mistake about it: when you have fully open heart beating in your chest, and you communicate in the web of love, nothing gets lost in translation.


This is not all these amazing people have been up to: Living From Spirit University will be launched soon.

Keep an eye on them!

PS. Coryelle blogged about the message from the crows on November 23th.