One with the nerd

I have more than 90 percent of all the published animal communication books in my book shelf, some of them I have read and some of them are still in line – so I took my time to get a copy of animal communicator Liz Mitten Ryan‘s book to my hands, but I am very happy that I did. Her way to handle the whole horse busyness & also the soul of a horse is remarkable. Her way to live in a perfect harmony with her naturally free horses, makes my heart truly sing.

Horses are such magnificent creatures, having beauty like no other when they can express themselves freely. Sometimes I do find the wisdom of horses extraordinarily profound… — I know, I edited one book written by a horse that was published in Finland a few years ago. (Leyla, the horse in spirit, can be read and heard (for free)  in English in The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazines.) She is pure horse power to the soul… But all the horses are, if you listen to them.

All it takes is a will to be open and listen


Merlin’s wisdom was found from animal communicator Terri O’Hara’s webpage.

Anyway, I am not a passionate horse person – I am probably too nerd for that, more after the wisdom aspect of them – but if f I had horses I would do the same with them than Liz. I want my horses free. I wish to  learn to know them as friends and accept them the way they are and accept their healing and/or wisdom they wish to offer.

Liz’s books are filled with beautiful wisdom and pictures, these books are luxurious treat among animal wisdom books. They also show her artwork, and that it is not a bad thing in this case. She is a very talented artist as well. (It is amazing how renaissance people some people can be…!) The journey through these books obviously gives precious insights how to be with horses… so that they can be what they truly are… horse souls expressing themselves in natural and balanced way on this planet in their magnificent horsy form.

Like somebody has noted: we are not human doings, we are human beings. Sometimes just being with animals, without doing anything at all, just listening and sharing the silence in perfect peace, can be very empowering experience indeed. Give it a try.

liz mitten ryan herd wisdom

If you have a friend who is an avid horse lover and spiritually open minded and you do not know what to get for her/him for Christmas (damn), you can not go wrong with Liz Mitten Ryan’s book(s) (see samples on her page). I have enjoyed One With the Herd during the last few days and I am dying to get more of her books on my hands.

One With the Herd-video on YouTube:


Dear Santa, if you are reading this, you can get the books for me from Amazon or from Book Depository, for example. Just click on the links…

…because I choose books instead of real life — haw haw. — I know I am One with the Herd, the Universe, the whole package. We are all One, our hearts are perfectly knitted together with magnetic strings of light in the Web of Love. But let’s just say that sometimes I like to be One with My Books and forget the Universe and other people or any other beings out there.

I love my books. They kindle the nerd in me.

When you are with me, you are One with the Nerd. :o}