A mouse speaks

mouse speaks

Animal communicator Barbara Janelle has some very interesting articles on her site.

In one of them you hear what the mouse has to say.


The Mouse

I am so big that
You cannot find my beginning or ending.
Coming into this world, this farm is play.
And knowing the green world–energetic trees of grass
Where the taste of smell permeates all–
Is a way of exploring the All.
My body is a sensor–like an antenna: nose to tail;
But I also feel others through my skin and fur–
Their presence moves through me.
We are energy movers–keeping things flowing on the Good Earth.
We move the energy pods–seeds to you, to places that need their quality-vibration “sown” there.
Our burrows offer conduits for different energy vibrations–air, water.
We are free flowing energy workers.
Clear in intent and effect
Fun, Great Fun–we paint the world with a pallet of frequencies.