Magic & Miracles


Kumari Mullin‘s e-book (Kindle Edition) Animal Communication Magic & Miracles: 13 keys to deepen your bond with your pets, improve health and change behavior immediately has a title that promises much, but hey, everything IS possible!


This is a very nice and practical guide to begin to practice and open up to the communication with animals — and all life. It does not take long to read the e-book, but give it some time to sink in… You also need to do the inner work in your heart to grasp the whole concept fully: the stronger you believe in yourself and the possibility of interspecies communication without spoken words, in your own heart, the easier this goal is to achieve.

If you buy this book, it comes with a couple of other recommendations from Kumari  that you might be intrigued to get to support your work with the book. But if you are one of the lucky ones, who has not closed his/her heart inside seriously thick walls in the turmoils of life (to protect yourself from pain), then you probably do not need the audio files mentioned… Open heart (and mind, duh) is what is crucial on this journey to animal communication magics & miracles…

This book contains very little animal wisdom: it is all about learning to open your heart for the messages of animal kingdom. An easy read, but like I said, give it time to sink in, practice, practice, practice and don’t give up! Then the Magic is Yours to have. Like Kumari says, many people quit trying to hear animals in only a few minutes. However, it might take 20 minutes or more to open up the channels fully to hear the animals… So, give time to yourself with this.

The world is never the same for you when you jump bravely on this particular journey of intuition, which so many have already chosen all around the world. Go for it, with this book or any other book on this subject that is calling your name in the bookstore.

You always know in your heart what is meant for you… Trust in that and give it a go.