Reborn Spirit

Animal communicators are often “the last resort”. When the issues with animal behavior get really bad and nothing works, people finally turn to animal communicators, after weeks, or months, of struggling. They are often tired, frustrated and skeptic and see no light at the end of the tunnel and they are on the brink of giving up for good. They might be ready to put the animal down, even when it is a young & healthy one.

Suddenly, when the solution is found by the animal communicator, the tears of relief and amazement begin to flow. The change in the animal can be quite dramatic, and the people are never the same either.

Things surely took an interesting turn when Anna Breytenbach had a chat with a leopard, who was abused in his previous home and he was angry and considered as an extremely dangerous animal. The caretakers of the “newborn” Spirit [(he hated his former name “Diabolo”) animals often appreciate a new name when they are moving to a new home, especially if they have been abused or otherwise lived a hard life] were amazed with the shift that took place  and – you guessed it – tears were involved. It is very touching to watch how one of the caretakers bursts into tears on the video.

I posted about Anna only a couple of days ago, but this video is beautiful.

Spirit is such a beautiful soul of a big cat.

At the moment I am very happy for all the cats and big cats of the world, because they have been attuned by ReikiFurBabies and Coryelle Kramer, who have been doing a lot of lightwork among animals recently. The cats gave quite stunning feedback after the attunement. Coryelle even got a cat as a gift (who insisted to be named again with a more proper name for him!).

No wonder my own cat has been one content cat for a couple of days. It seems that he has a different look in his eyes, a new cat vibe and vitality and strange lightness in his white Sacred Birman paws!

Check out this too: