Guide to communicating with animals & nature for Kindle

trish finnish cover kindle

Good news!

Tailbook Press has published its first Finnish Kindle edition: it’s An Introduction to Communication With Animals and Nature by Trish Scott. (The English Kindle edition was published soon after the Finnish one.) This was also a fabulous opportunity for me to see how Kindle Store actually works. Also, there are less than 10 books in Finnish for Kindle, and I have been pretty upset about that for years.. There is nothing better than Kindle in the whole world… How come there is nothing to read…for people who’d like to read in their native language?

I translated this animal communication guide for the Finnish readers last year, but now even more people can reach it via Kindle e-readers. So cool! Every step that helps to spread the awareness about animal communication, also in this small, dark and cold country, almost next to North Pole, is a joy for my heart.

trish english edition kindle

Thank you, Trish! I know many people read your words already and have begun their own journey to wholeness.

Well, Trish is soon beginning an amazing journey herself: PCT. That is one heck of a journey. (Remember to take your Kindle with you, Trish.) But I imagine, it is a fun one, especially if you watch this amazingly inviting video about Pacific Crest Trail on Vimeo. When I watched it for the first time, I wanted to join the ride immediately.

Instead, I plan to translate/publish more AC-stuff for Kindle in the future, because we need some heart based books to read also over here. We are actually among the countries that read huge amounts of books in a year. (I guess there is nothing else to do in the dark and cold when the winter hits. — They have the same problem in Iceland.) My mission is to help people to get their share of the animal wisdom of the world, in Finnish.

That has been  my passion for years, now I am only seeking for some new ways to do it.