Mister Badger: Love = Humor


This is what Mister Badger had to say to us a few years back. ( I drew the picture of him later.)

I never forget this half blind, black and white creature who ran to me like a madman on a small country road and I had no idea what to think/expect of him… Except that he might have something to say. And so he had! Sweet, sweet, slightly swearing Mister Badger, who knew what he was worth and that it was his turn to give an interview. — Yes, I have seen that sometimes animals do swear, and it is just meant to emphasize their message, so it is not a big deal… And they might share the same vocabulary than their person(s), because they listen to their people and live with them 24/7. But Mr. Badger had gotten all his information via Web of Love: he has no person. He is a wild thing. ;o) I saw him only a few times  – so that I got a picture of him, then he was gone and never seen again. But his words are left and they are so precious.