Euthanasia and other animal soul journeys

Animal communicator Leta Worthington wrote in her blog a few years back about euthanasia. (Read the whole article. There is another horse view about it in the end of it.) Leta had had a dream about euthanasia (animal communicators obviously dream about their work, too) herself and then she interviewed a horse called Mo about it.

euthanasia communication

What it comes to the transition of animals, it seems to me that it is usually very peaceful, especially if the animal has been prepared, just like Mo said.  Animals are also often ready for it on a soul level: they know the time to go Home has come. If people can keep the atmosphere calm and loving, all is well. That is not easy, though.  (I totally panicked when my first cat flew to heaven and I went into pieces right there and then, in the vet’s office). (I hope I am a bit wiser next time…) And angels and spirit guides are always around helping in the process.

A dying soul is never alone.

Animal communicator Amelia Kinkade told in one of her books (her two first books are the best books I have ever read) how her late grandmother came with a huge angel to get her cat’s soul from her living room… (Some people might be really scared to see something like that, out of the blue, but animal communicators are tough. They have seen a lot of spiritual stuff… They can handle it. :o}

I have also helped a cat to make her transition. I was sending her reiki healing and asking for angels to help and stroked her fur gently when she took her last breath. (She told us via animal communicator that she did not want vet’s help or medication: she knew it was time to go and she wanted to do it her way.) It was very peaceful and beautiful and natural – as much as I could see from my tears, there were plenty of those. I kept apologizing that we were crying all the time, but the cat probably knew we could not help it. Because we were humans.)

It is an honor to witness the last breath on earth, when these beautiful animal souls leave their physical bodies, but I know, it is not for everyone. (The last cramps in the body, when the physical body is left behind, might be scary for some.) If you know, you cannot say goodbye to your pet like that, then the vet is a good choice. You get help and support there. They know what they are doing, they are professionals. (And you do not have to talk to them about the angels, if you are shy. — Angels can hear you when you talk to them in your mind. That is enough.)

For some reason many people are stressed about the idea that animals suffer a lot or horribly when they die, for example in the wild. To me it seems that it is not true at all: according to the messages from animals, it seems that their soul has left the body way before the pain would really kick in.  (BTW: The same goes for humans according to this book, when they die in an accident.) It is a brilliant system, really. We definitely should not underestimate the wisdom of mother nature. She knows how to handle these things. We should not get carried away with our, oh so negative & pessimistic, human imagination, which rises from the fear of death, I guess.

(And there was a beautiful story about the connection of cat’s and bird’s souls in one of Amelia Kinkade’s books — can’t remember which one — but the energies were blissful, when the hunt was happening – definitely not pain at all.) (Animal communicators are often very good at sensing all the sensations in animal’s body, which is why they so often are able to tell where the animal experiences pain.)

Magic-cat also talked about this, in “Magic Cat Explains Creation“.

Soul knows when it is time to leave the building, they hardly make mistakes, but once I have read about a hasty decision.

I remember I read about a squirrel, who was being chased by a dog and it was so certain that it would die that it left her body in the middle of the chase and the body froze. The next thing what happened (the dog’s person was an animal communicator) was that the dog shouted to the squirrel: run! run! – and then the squirrel came back to her body and continued to run… and the dog happily kept on chasing her… ha ha. I can’t remember where I read it, but will always remember a story like that with a smile.

Last year Laura Stinchfield wrote about the old squirrel who had lived in her garden. The squirrel told that his soul had left the body before it hit the ground when he fell from the telephone lines. So, these are the good news: no random acts of pain when animals die! Nada.

The truth is always more magical than the speculations, so let’s not speculate anymore: let’s talk with animals themselves.

So, no. I don’t think that nature is so cruel than people think it is. Not even close.

To me the only cruel beast on this planet is human.


Human’s are the ones who make other fellow beings really suffer. Animals rarely do that. And if they do, their behavioral problems quite often originate from the fucked up energies – thoughts, feelings & intentions – of humanity. Animals can sense our energies through the web of love (web of life) all over the globe, and our energies are not quite in balance, until we learn to be more responsible about our thoughts. We also call animals with names like beasts, bad, ugly, vicious, disgusting, dangerous, enemies and the like.

They can hear us mumbling in front of our TV sets, or pointing them with our fingers in the zoo: “Look mommy, how disgusting snake!” Well, I would bite everyone after 200 kids had said the same to me — in one day only. I read about a turtle once, who said that it hurts to hear stuff like that from humans who visit the zoo. I bet it does!

So, the life on earth actually hurts more than death on earth…?  You bet.

The vocabulary in scientific animal documentaries is so horrible sometimes that I can’t watch them, even though I would love to see all those magical animals on this planet I have never even heard of. But I hardly watch them anyway: science sees the world in such a weird way, after you have read animal communication books for years, that watching animal programs on TV become practically impossible. There are way too many scientific speculations in them that the animals have told not to be true. They are just that – speculations. Nobody has asked the animals themselves. 

I’d like to know why. I have reached the state of mind in my life at this point, that I want to hear it from the animals themselves.

Humans are not to trust in these matters anymore.