The elephants speak


Stunning information from the elephants, when they were attuned to the energies of reiki. This is such an amazing time for both animals, and humans, because we are all ready for these amazing energetic changes to happen on earth. The steps are getting bigger, as we move towards the future, it is easy to see. The consciousness about animal communicators has suddenly spread all over the planet, and more people are ready to accept the concept. These messages from animals also begin to kindle something inside our hearts. They feel good, because we know they are true… I feel very blessed to be able to witness all the magic because of the Internet. Those of us, who log in to the web of love, naturally get this information straight from the animals, but some of us still use the Internet. (Which is why we created the whole system. The Internet is practically one step towards the Web of Love… It works in a very similar way.)  —  The elephants said: ” “There is a time that is soon to come when ALL people see animals in a new light. Some of you will have to leave before you do this, but it is OK for when you come back into new bodies, you will have more open minds. You will learn from the ones who have stayed; how to live in the way of the light. How to walk WITH and not against. A time of respect for all.”  This message was posted to animal communicator Coryelle Kramer’s blog (great stuff, as always).