The elephants in captivity speak

zoo elephants speak up

Reiki Fur Babies have posted their blog post about the attunement the elephants of the world received in this month. I posted a photo about the message that was found in Coryelle Kramer’s blog earlier, and here you can see the version of the elephants, who live in captivity. They are very gentle, wise and understanding giants… What a blessing the Web of Love is, it helps these beautiful creatures to talk with all the elephant souls out there – on earth, and beyond. The web of love is where all the information is.. All the animals are capable to communicate with its help – no matter where they are. (These words imply that animals are not always suffering horrendously, when we think that they are. They are capable to leave their bodies much easier than humans, just like their souls leave their bodies before death.) The sooner WE all learn to connect with it (and not only animal communicators, mediums etc.), with our hearts – instead of the Internet – the sooner we also begin to respect animals and listen to them, at all times, whether they live as wild animals or in captivity. Animals have a lot to say and to teach us, they have also a lot of love for us. If we only could open our hearts enough to accept it. To accept unconditional love is just as difficult for humans, as it is to love unconditionally.