Hamster on WTC

hamster on wtc

Animal communicator Julie Snouffer discussed WTC with her hamster in 2001. Poindexter was pretty upset about the animals who died in 9/11, there was a whole ecosystem in those buildings. He asks: Did anyone ever think of that?!  Well, I think some of us have remembered the dogs who lost their lives. The rats or mice? Not so many… :o} Because many of us think that they are less important… which they are not. They have a precious work and energy work to do on earth as well. All beings have. Pointdexter continues: “I ask you to stop the demolition.  Not only of your species, but of earth itself.  Learn to live within your boundaries.  Accept that you are not the only ones here on earth.  Stop the polluting and chemical warfare you are already doing with those you deem lesser than yourselves.  For if you can do warfare that way with us and not feel our pain – what makes you think you can’t do it to each other? Came together, think before you speak or act harshly to each other or us.  We are all here together.  Can’t we figure out a way to live with each other in respect?”