Tortoise voices

This tortoise has a lot to say! Lydia Hiby is one of the most famous animal communicators, and has been doing her job for a long time. She has published one book so far: Conversations with animals: Cherished messages and memories as told by an animal communicator. All the animal communicators are different, and work in various ways, so if you are looking for the services of animal communicator, trust your guts: the one you are drawn to, is probably a good choice for you. I always suggest that when you are looking for the services of intuitive people – use your own intuition – because you got the same power in you. It can make your life a lot easier, if you just accept it, and use it as a tool in life – in all areas of your life. Your intuition helps you to find the people you need in your life right now, to learn and grow as a soul.

What it comes to turtles, I met one once during an animal communication class and he said that he “loved the atmosphere, because there was so much action and buzzing in the air”. So, he was not a wall flower…  He was walking around the room and checking out the students, eventually fell in love with one of them: a girl who had blond hair.

“Moses” was hanging around my camera bag when I took his picture.

action turtle