Pets and animals see dreams as well

Animal communicator & medium Amanda De Warren, from Australia, shared an interesting post on Facebook about the dreams her pets have seen. Sometimes animals can see bad dreams, just like Amanda said, but mostly, they see the bright side of life in their dreams (too). Animals are positive and do not dwell in misery, so that is probably the reason why they usually have fun in their dreams.

pet dreams

Generally, animals see dreams just like we humans do. They can also meet their beloved family members, who have passed, in their dreams — exactly as we humans do. I remember one squirrel said that their grandmother was dead, but she still came to tell them bedtime stories in the evening. It is one of those little details that I have read from an animal communication book, but I never made notes which book it was.

Damn. Mental note to myself: make notes. 

I have seen all the pets we have had in our family having vivid dreams.

They whine and their legs move and they breath differently and so on. The more I walked our late dog outside, in the woods, where he could see and chase frogs or mice the more vivid his dreams were during the night. I can see it is the same thing with my cat: if he sees something unusual outside, a fox or different kind of birds, he often “talks” in his dreams later and waves his paws like he was trying to catch something. If the natural rhythm of life is disturbed, he sees more vivid dreams also then. He is very sensitive dude.

Have you noticed the same?

I love dreaming pets. There is something very sweet in the way they “run” in their dreams and “chat” and look happy. Would be very intriguing to know what they are up to… Humans surely talk a lot about their dreams, and wonder what they mean. I wonder if pets talk about their dreams with each other as well? Probably.

They are thinking and feeling, very sentient beings indeed, just like we humans are.

Those who try to deny that are lying to themselves… But most of our problems on this very planet derive from lying to ourselves. We are way too good at it.

The animals act as mirrors for us (because they react to every thought we make) and show us the places inside us, where we try to hide something… Pets card from Intuition Deck talks about that, too. We might try to play hide and seek, but the Web of Love is a place where all the hidden agendas are always revealed.