Celebrity pet talk

Some people seem to be quite fascinated by the lives of celebrities.

Some paparazzi even want to get them – dead or alive. 

It must be the money talking.

What it comes to the heart talk, it is great to see that some celebrities have used the services of animal communicators. For example George Clooney, Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton and Bill Clinton has done so. They show great example to their fans and might inspire them too, to walk on the wild side and ask something from their pets.

What do these pets say? They probably say that they love their humans. Because they all do. I haven’t read the books I mention below myself, yet, but I bet that if you are looking for some nasty rumors, you will be disappointed. Pets are not rude and they do not rumor either. They probably talk very dearly in these books about their humans and their homes.george's pig

George Clooney’s pig said that he had a great life with George. (Obviously, if he let the pig also sleep in his bed with him, duh!) (I think that George consulted the pig about his girlfriends. Which is very wise. If your pet does not like somebody, there is a good reason for it. Pets see the intentions we carry in our hearts.)

Lai Ubberud has written a book about celebrity pets. The celebs and pets in this book include: Paris Hilton (Tinkerbell), Philip Treacy (Mr. Pig), Buzz Aldrin (Luna & Tiber) Hilary Duff (Little Dog), George Clooney (Max), Britney Spears (Bit Bit) Tori Spelling (Mimi), Martha Stewart (Paw Paw), Ivana Trump (Choppy & Dodo), Carol Burnett (Roxy), Mary Tyler Moore (Shana & Shadow), Jason Priestley (Swifty) and Shania Twain (Tim.)  Here’s one session live on YouTube with the pet of Jordan Segundo.  (When I checked out some of the links behind these people, it seems that at least Jason’s Swiftly dog greets the visitors on his website, when you click yourself over there.)


The animal psychic Jackie Weaver lives in the UK. She has also published one book especially about celebrity pets. So, if you live in the UK, there might be more familiar faces here for you. I can’t say that they are familiar to me, but well, I am one of those people who tries not to label people to celebs and not celebs. I only wish to know what people have inside them. That is all I care about. After all, I always wanted to become a pathologist, when I grow up.

It never happened.


So, basically, the heart based living, is the Plan B :o}


Melissa Bacelar is an animal communicator, who also calls herself celebrity pet psychic. Here’s one beautiful cat consultation form her. But there are many others who have talked with celebrity pets. And there surely are much more celebrities, who have consulted animal communicators, I just mentioned a few here. Let’s hope they show the way to many others, so that eventually nobody – celebrity or not – is not afraid to listen to their pets anymore.

It’s worth it… They have a lot to say.

If there is one book that all the celebrities (and their fans) should read, it is My Animal, My Self by Marta Williams. This book talks about how our feelings + actions = energies really have a huge impact on our pets. One thing that seems to be common to some celebrities, is that they lead a very busy or stressed or  – damn if I dare to say so – fucked up life, and it all shows through in the behavior of their pets, which are the mirrors of their inner life.

Heal your life to heal your pet. Simple as that…

But if the pets that poop, pee or bark all over the place make a good reality television… Then all is well, I guess.

And if you do not have to clean the mess yourself, even better.