The uncomfortable comfort zones

As much as there are tweets in the social media about the magic of Anna Breytenbach and her cool videos on YouTube (happy dance!), there are still some tweets condemning all the (pet) psychics and animal communicators to hell.

Yup, people are very persistent with their opinions, and they always have some up their sleeve. I don’t think there is one person on this planet who does not have an opinion or two. The opinions are the reason why the social media thrives… or why we have dozens of wars going on all over the planet every day.

It is an easy way out to judge all the pet psychics and animal communicators out there as “idiots”, “crazy” or “liars”. It takes much more guts to open your heart and mind to the new possibilities out there, or even to the mystery and magic of life.

The old thought patterns are not likely to step out of their comfort zone and accept that there is something else out there than they have always thought… It seems to be much easier for people to kill, or at least to spit on, different people/animals/plants than to learn to love them, and look for further information. The closed minds & hearts rather kill than explore the beauty of all life there is.

We do study life by killing and dissecting it, for God’s sake…*

Animal communicators never do that – their system is much more brilliant…!

There are other ways to study life than meets the eye. If we keep on living strictly in the comfort zones of our own opinions, belief systems, theories, political parties (what exactly are they good for?!) or knowledge, we will never see all the cool and important stuff in life that helps us to evolve and/or experience enlightenments in our hearts.

I think we all know that, yet we like to stick to our comfort zones like glue (=fear).

By opening our hearts we would begin to see that there is nothing to fear, not inside us or outside us. We would peacefully accept ourselves the way we are and  our opinions as ours and let others have their own and let others be whatever they came to be on this planet, in this life, in this time.  (Besides, opinions change everyday.) (I know mine do.) (I reserve the right to change my opinion about that, too, ha ha.) Willingness to explore new ideas and the amazingly beautiful diversity of life seems to be so damn hard sometimes in human disguise.

When we give freedom (of choice)  to others, we free ourselves in the process.

It takes a lot of love. Love that rushes through our veins, warming our hearts and opens them to see that if we do not believe that something is possible (for example interspecies communication) it does  not necessarily mean that it is not true.

how dog loves

Maybe we can learn something from our dogs. You can’t blame them for not trying to open our hearts!

All the dogs seem to love their humans unconditionally. They just put the love card on the table and win our hearts every time. They do not flee to the other side of the room, if someone they meet thinks differently, or has a different skin color, or a profession s/he has never heard of. The dogs do  not tweet about it immediately in the Web of Love, saying: “S/he is crazy, because she does not believe in the same things than I do. I’d like to bite her/him in the ass.”

Judging others, for whatever reason, takes a lot of our energy and blinds us. With open hearts we would see the magic, the same magic that all the intuitives, see. We would feel less lost or lonely… We would find all that our hearts seek in life. We would surely evolve spiritually. That is one of the reasons why I created Intuition Deck, because I believe that we all can be magical beings of light, in the web of love, when we let our hearts pop open like champagne bottles and begin to use our intuition more in life. Nobody evolves if we judge books by the cover, or people by their lover. We remain cave women and cave men forever.

If we keep on fighting against “different” or “spooky”, we keep on destroying ourselves. We like to think that our comfort zones – whatever they are – keep us safe, but they actually make us feel very uncomfortable in the long run. And when we feel uncomfortable, we begin to nag at others. The social media is just one place where you can spit your heart out, if you are not in peace with yourself. And spitting is just as contagious as love is. People like to spit together. Because if they were alone, listening to their hearts for once, they would not act in the same way. Because hearts talk totally different language… the language of the soul. We are so much wiser on a soul level.

the magic is there

Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Einstein. The knowledge is always limited information, whereas imagination has no limits. The hearts fly and roam free with imagination, and that is a good way to find new ideas and solutions to make this planet a joyful place to be. Knowledge like “Idiots” and “Not Idiots”, does not help us out from our comfort zones. Those who judge others are always feeling more or less uncomfortable inside themselves.

Happy and peaceful people do not give a shit about judging others – because they are way too busy being happy. So the change comes from the inside out… like always. We can’t escape that.

We also can’t escape the fact that it is often our children who judge others. We have put our own ideas and belief systems into their heads, because we got them from our parents and they got them from their parents… It is a chain reaction of comfort zones and closed and fearful hearts. We sure like to think that it takes the whole village to grow our children, but that is not the whole truth. The home is where the heart is, and small hearts pick up the vibes of the home so very quickly.

Good grief, when I think about the village where I grew  up.

It’s a miracle that I am not a serial killer… O_o

I think animal communication courses for children would be quite beneficial. It would be an amazing opportunity for them to see animals as they are: sentient beings of love and wisdom. After all, small children (not yet spoiled with the ideas of adults) and animals often seem to understand each other, without any spoken words. I bet they both, the children and the animals, have come to this world as teachers and as leaders, who show the way to a better and more loving future.

Then old farts like me can only watch in awe how magical life can be.

I think we have a good future ahead of us, after all these growing pains we are going through.

I’m really glad that I do not have children, though.

People should learn to love before they make babies. There are way too many unwanted babies out there already. I think we should stop making unwanted babies in this time – no matter how good life lessons they might be on a soul level. I am one of those unwanted babies myself, and it was not a happy lesson. But it made me what I am now, so I do not complain. However, I think it is a foolish way to make babies, because we know better.

I haven’t learned to love yet, gotta admit that one.

I mean really love.

I still live in a cave and I often act like a cave woman.

But I keep my tweets benevolent and full of animal wisdom. That much I understand about love.


* Oops, the wannabe pathologist in me rises again, I see. Sorry about that.