I have a dream about people who would listen

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The pen-tailed treeshew has been my companion in crime as an animal advocate…

Just like I mentioned in my previous post, the animal communication workshops for children (reiki workshops would be super cool, too – children are very curious about that) would be a great step towards a more balanced future for all the living beings on this planet.

But what could the adults do, in addition to practicing animal communication in their own homes, on a daily basis, by talking to their pets consciously, by listening to them and by respecting their ideas and helping them to understand what humans are all about?

The pets do listen to us… even though sometimes they might be “numb” after years of listening to blah blah blah. The animals have said that people talk a lot, but rarely talk about important stuff. And when people do not talk, well, then they think… We think so much and so hard (about unimportant things…) that animals cannot get through to us.They only get the busy signal, saying beep, beep, beep…

When we make a conscious intention to talk to them (in our mind) they are already there, listening. Some of them might be surprised, but they do listen the moment they understand that you really wish to connect. The sending messages to animals part is the easiest part in animal communication, just like Anna Breytenbach says in her interview.

Another animal communicator, Amelia Kinkade offers an example how to tell your pets where you go, and when you’ll come back, in Straight From The Horse’s Mouth, on the page 145.

when you go and come back

Nobody wants to be ignored. Animals do not wish to be ignored either. Simply telling them where you go, what you do, and especially when you will be back home might solve some behavioral problems immediately. So talk to them and tell them what is going on. Every day. Be precise.

Amelia also shared in her book how she once told her cats that she’ll be back home at 5PM. When she drove to her driveway 5:05PM, the cats were watching her eagerly through the glass door, telling her: “You are late! Why didn’t you tell that you were going to be late!!!” So, if you are late for whatever reason…. send a thought in your mind to your pet that you are going to be late and all is well.

Life gets much easier for all of us, if we talk with each other, both humans & animals. That is pretty much the only way to avoid any confusion.

One step further would be consulting the animals every time we wish to build roads, bridges, houses, apartment buildings, harbors and so on. Yes, it would be amazing to ask from the animals what they think about the planned construction projects. We could help them to understand what we intend to do, help them to relocate, if they have to move away, or ask if we could finish the project in a way that helps both animals and humans to live peacefully side by side. We do not have to make them suffer – or die – while making our own dreams come true.

The animal communication awareness for architects and all the other professionals, who do landscape designing, would simply be an amazing step towards harmony and understanding. It is one of my visions for a better future. Animals can share their wisdom with us, in all areas of life, there is no question about that. We might learn a lot in the process about the wildlife and animals in general.

It is nothing but pure arrogance from humanity’s side to just step in there, to take the land and build whatever we wish to build and destroy the nature around the project completely. We are trying to take over the planet, and harming others in the process. That was not what we came here to do on a soul level… We came here to live a heart based life, to love and to support life, to care for our fellow beings, both humans and animals. That is why animals do not understand us. We ignore them completely. And nobody gave us the right to rule or conquer this planet. We made that assumption when we stopped listening to our heart at some point of our spiritual devolution.

It would be very interesting to see in the future how architects, teachers, politicians, scientists, nature conservationists, treehuggers or not, consulted the animals/plants before making any decisions that involve them.  No matter how nature friendly people like to be: none of them have consulted the nature itself so far. It is not fair to jump into any conclusions before talking to the animals, the plants, the land  itself, first. That is how we co-create amazing things together and balance, not only ourselves, but the whole planet.

There are more than enough animal communicators all over the world to help in the process. They are everywhere.

Well, we should learn to consult our fellow humans, too… The human communication has also failed miserably. ;o} (For example in Sochi area, before they blew up the whole place in the name Olympics.) (Nobody talks about the wildlife over there, either.) It seems that we are not even capable to do that… because all we ever consult… is.. money and banks or Wall Street.

The greed is still widely accepted virtue on this planet.

Everybody makes decisions solely based on money  – and we just silently accept it…!

Well, enough said… I did not come here to talk about money.

If you clicked the link above that leads to the interview of Anna Breytenbach, you see a story about a cat who did not retract his claws while playing. If you had a cat like that, what would be your first assumptions be  like? That he is evil and loves to draw blood from you? That he hates you? Or that he must have a medical problem in his claws, and you decide to take him to the vet to be declawed? (The worst case scenario.) — When he only thought that he doesn’t have to do it, because all the women in the family never retract their claws!

My point: ask the animals themselves, before you make any conclusions or decisions.

Because we know nothing about their thoughts and feelings until we ask them.

When we learn to listen to others, finally, from the bottom of our hearts, then we find the balance, and nobody is being rudely ignored. Not our children, not our parents, not our girlfriends, not our boyfriends,  not our grandparents… And especially not the animals in our life and in the wild.

I agree with pen-tailed treeshrew below, my red nosed companion in crime. We foolishly seem to seek for answers outside ourselves, when everything we ever need is already in us: in our own hearts. We seek for super-duper intelligent life all over the space, when we have amazing, sentient and intelligent fellow beings among us: animals, plants, rocks and rivers… They all have wisdom to share with us.

When we learn to live a heart based life, we do not need to seek for answers (happiness, wisdom, solutions, whatever)  outside ourselves. We know we got it all inside us, if we only listen to our heart… We are the ones we are waiting for.

...and he's back.
…and he’s back.