It is always perfect timing

horse transition

There is always a perfect moment for everything that ever happens. We know that on a soul level, even though on a human level we make great stories and drama about it by telling ourselves (with our Ego) how we know nothing about anything… We think that God – or the Great Spirit – puts weird (even unfair) things, totally randomly on our path.

Oh, man…

There is no random. Not even a random death on this planet; when the soul leaves its physical body behind, then it is time to go.

Animals as beings who do listen to their hearts somehow seem to know when it is time to go.

As I have posted before, they do not worry about the way they leave the earth: sometimes they do need the help of a vet to make their transition. They have also said that they never judge their humans for making that step. Australian animal communicator Trisha McCagh tells one story of a transition in her book Stories from the Animal Whisperer. It shows how perfect the timing actually was and how this stallion’s spirit horse mother/guide was waiting for him and helping him to make the transition and move on.

perfect timing pet transition

There are always invisible helpers on the other side. Humans seem to/like to trust that the angels are guiding their way back Home when the time comes. (Many animals have had angelic help, too. Angels are not picky. ;o) Frankly, when my moment to go back Home comes, I surely hope my cool, late pets are there to guide me. I am dying to meet them.

My weird, late relatives, are not to be trusted… Hell no. (Joke. I think.)

Just as I prefer the company of animals in this life, I prefer their company at Home, too, I’m afraid. I refuse to pretend otherwise. Besides, animals know their way Home…  So many times they have told so via animal communicators.

Some of us believe  that both angels and pets are not separate from our own soul: they are like energetic extensions of our souls (maybe in the same way than our Higher Selves are). It is an interesting thought, in the end we create our own life, with our thoughts, emotions and especially with our  intentions (according to the Law of Attraction), so it is not difficult to believe that we are the Key in everything that ever happens.

We always know the next step to take, our inner wisdom never really fails. We guide ourselves on a soul level… We are above, as we are below. We simply manifest amazing parts of our own soul plan & journey into our lives… As pets, as soul mates, as teachers, as friends… as “miracles”…  And miracles, as some people like to call them, happen, when we are fully open to receive them, with a fully open heart.

Miracles can happen only out of pure love. Duh, WE are pure love, if we only let ourselves to be, and stop belittling ourselves or listening to the excuses of our Ego.

I believe in our own wisdom more than anything else. Sure, there are guides and angels, on a higher level, or in the other dimensions. They help, if we ask for their help.  But at the same time we are beings of limitless wisdom, love and light. We live in the multidimensional Web of Love as multidimensional beings of light, and we have not seen the whole story of it – yet. The more ready and willing we are to live and love unconditionally, just like our animal friends do, the easier it gets to see through the veils, and communicate with our own soul, no matter what form it takes in that moment: angel, pet, or spirit guide. We are not victims, we are powerful beings of energy.

We should always believe in ourselves when making decisions. We create every moment of our lives, we created the whole journey. The only X-factor we have, is a free will in this particular dimension. When the decisions we make, come from the place of love, and love only, we are Home and we live a heart based life. Then we can relax and trust that everything is well, no matter how mysteriously love seems to work in our life.

Trusting the inner wisdom/heart is a peculiar thing. (I am one walking, breathing example of that.) When life feels chaotic and stressful, the trust seems to fly out of the window. Even when you think that you do not trust your heart, it takes you to the right places or the right people… at a perfect moment. All the roads lead to heart, even (especially) the hard and difficult ones, and the timing is everything.

Nobody is judging you for the choices you make. — You, perhaps. — On the other side, nobody judges you, but here, we knock ourselves out with judging ourselves, for the choices we make, for the things we do, for the things we do not, for the things we love – or the images we see, when we look into the mirror. That’s why we need pets. They do not judge us, even when they are our mirrors (and see us truly naked), reflecting back every mental move we make inside. They gently guide us out of our judgmental ways.

Just one of the one million good reasons to have a pet, even though s/he might stay beside you only for a brief moment.