Do you have a fairy in your hair?

Like animal communication, or plant communication wasn’t magical enough, there are also animal communicators and other intuitives, who communicate with fairies. (Those magical little nature elementals, we adults like to hide under the carpet as “nonsense” or “wild imagination”.

Animal communicator Fiona Murray is one of “fairy communicators”. Even her dog has a guardian pixie, who says on her webpage:

From Jinky, Romany’s (dog) Guardian Pixie:

“We Pixies are one of the most playful Elementals that is why animals are fun loving creatures. Even animals that humans regard as boring or slow are fun loving at heart. They are here on earth with vital jobs to do. Stop destroying habitats! We are having a hard enough time with climate change and pollution without finding homes for our wards. Animals are particularly sensitive souls and very wise. They should be treated with respect and love. They are no different to humans and have feelings too.

Humans like to think that animals do not feel pain. This is not the case. They feel pain as much as you and they like being loved as much as you do. As Romany’s Pixie my job is to ensure his spiritual development like your Angel’s job is for you. Romany is intelligent as are all dogs, but like humans some are more intelligent than others. All animals respond to love, and we Pixies want our animals to be happy and healthy in all ways. Care for animals and care for their habitats and homes. Treat them with respect and you will have more enjoyment and fulfillment in your life.”

Fiona has written a book called Messages from Nature’s Guardians. I came across another book the other day from Sarah Jane Ferguson called Fairy Wisdom for Spiritual Evolution – Fairy Dust to Magically Heal Your Life and the Earth. The wisdom of nature elementals is just as amazing and profound as is the wisdom of animals.

Animals are just… easier for many of us to approach, and understand.

Once you have grown up, you have lost the magic of imagination from your heart and find it probably more difficult to believe in such stuff. Even animal communication is way too much to handle  for some people. But children are the true believers… because they are often able to see fairies themselves. Once a grown up woman confided with me and told that she saw fairies once, when she was a child, but she had never, ever told about it to anyone. Except to me, when she was almost forty.

It is amazing how we keep big “secrets” inside us, even for decades, because we are so afraid that the others might judge us. Well, many intuitives are judged heartlessly, but that does not change the truth. If you think that animal/plant/fairy communication is not possible – it does not mean that it is not true.  :o}

Oh, yeah, and animals often see fairies. Our cat used to play with them. (And we thought that she was bored..!)

I have been blessed with an open mind enough to understand that there is much more out there than our physical eyes are able to see. But it is the same thing with elementals (who live in their own dimension – probably because it is not safe to be in the same dimension with humans: some us might like to shoot them, just for fun or the “sport” of it…), like it is with love: even if it is invisible to the physical eyes, it can always be felt in the heart instead.

My local fairy forest is frozen and very quiet at the moment.

I’ve actually been able to  hear the footsteps of fairies and other elementals for a few years, even longer than I have been an animal communication advocate, but I have never been able to see them. They are exceptionally noisy folks during the time of sunset and dusk. When I heard them for the first time, I was completely stunned. I knew I was not going crazy… (Believe me or not, I am one of the most sensible persons on earth.) (Nothing surprises me. N-o-t-h-i-n-g.)

And no, there was absolutely no hope of finding a “rational” explanation for all those hundreds of footsteps I heard around me. It was late fall, and there were no insects alive anymore. We ended up to the same spot with a medium later, because I was not the only one who could hear them and we were all, well, puzzled, and found out what was going on. It was kind of a relief… Then I could finally believe my own ears… and my heart. I could sense their energy in my heart center already back then.

Every year ever since, almost for 10 years, I have waited for the spring more eagerly than usually, mostly because of the fairies and their little footsteps. It is such an amazing feeling to know that there they are there, all around me, hundreds of them, working and helping the flowers to bloom, once again. I have no idea how I would react, if I actually saw a fairy. (I just might say the f-word.) (And Thank You after that… with some apologies for my French.) I have been told that I have a guardian fairy myself. She spends time sitting on my shoulder. Well, I haven’t seen her either, but I think she is sometimes playing with my hair. At least those times when it is not an unfortunate spider who has landed on me from the roof of the cave. I know how to tell a fairy from a spider.

Spiders have more legs.