Cranes and company



The attuning the animals (nature) with reiki Saga continues with Coryelle Kramer & Reiki Fur Babies. Since the last post I mentioned them, they have attuned at least redwoods & sequoias, eagles,  wolves & coyotes,  street & fighting dogs, big & feral cats, salmons, elephants, owls & bats, buffalos and the cranes and company. This amazing Saga continues… Coryelle has been guided to write a book about these attunements and that is one book that I am waiting for! — Check out Living From The Spirit University: that is one place where you can ask your own pet to be attuned (by Reiki Fur Babies) with reiki energies. There is other cool stuff for spiritual souls as well. (I myself attune cats with Feline Love energy and other animals with Open Heart Reiki for 14USD/pet. I find these energy systems particularly perfect for animals in our lives. Who are natural heart openers anyway, as you probably know by now… All forms of energy healing systems are pure love – their frequencies or vibrations just differ from each other. They are safe and never do any harm.)