Fairy wisdom for the heart based living

sarah jane alexander fairy book

Sarah Jane Alexander is one of the fairy messengers out there. Her book is absolutely brilliant! What a timely reading it is, now as the earth energies are changing rapidly, our hearts pop open much more spontaneously than ever before, and the spring is at hand.

At least here in Southern-Finland, where we hardly had a winter at all – we jumped from the long and dark fall straight to the spring and the flowers are more than ready to jump out of their beds, to stretch their long and graceful necks, to bath in the sunlight.

In addition to spring (in the northern hemisphere anyway) it seems that this year is going to be a huge step on our spiritual evolution. If you ignore the media/political/economical chaos and look beyond, there is definitely something in the air…  among all that fairy dust…!

What is the best thing you can do these days, when everything seems plain chaotic? Close the TV, spend some time with your beloved ones, and love. Take your dog for a walk. Hug your cat. Kiss your horse. Plant a flower for the fairies to dance around in your garden or on your window. Embrace the light that you are. If you live in the illusion that you are alone, love and joy is what will attract your soul mate into your life, so learn to  love yourself first. You must love yourself… You are the key.

Whatever you do: act locally, but think globally…! We are one with the planet, but our life is here and now, in this moment. There is nothing else than this moment. So, carpe that damn diem. Magic is here and now. These are thoughts I have also written in Intuition Deck.

In addition, spiritual messages and sites that deliver them are full of anticipation and excitement this spring. For example Karen Bishop, who has her finger on the pulse of the Earth‘s energies, is mentioning the possibility that Facebook is going down this year – because people are starting to connect on a heart level instead. (That is Web of Love, naturally, where all the animal communication – and other communication – takes place quite naturally, and fast – faster than in any artificial human made systems. Frankly, I would not miss Facebook at all. Will be interesting times ahead, it seems. I can feel it in my bones, too. My bones rattle in these unexceptional energies like wind chimes. (Notice that also animals react to these high, high energies. They need the grounding energies of nature more than ever: just like we humans.)

Or if you like to spend time in solitude, read a magical book that does not leave you feeling vulnerable or fearful, like mass media usually does, and download this beautiful e-book with a lot of useful fairy wisdom to your Kindle and head for the park. — The fairies show themselves usually only to those who believe in them, so believe and give it a go. Don’t give up. Just take a deep breath and relax… Keep reading and expect the unexpected. Maybe you have your own “Oberon”, who is willing to share some uplifting wisdom with you. You never know, you know.

fairy wisdom spiritual spring

So what kind of stuff do the fairies in this book offer for you?

The chapters in “Fairy Wisdom for Spiritual Evolution – Fairy Dust to Magically Heal Your Life and the Earth” are:

1) Fairies

2) Vibration

3) Love and Fear

4) Healing

5) Plants and Animals

6) Renewable Resources and Clean Energy

7) Integrity in Business and Consumption

8) Pathways to Joy and

9) Recipes for Healthy Living.

All in all, very timely food for thought in this time.

The longest journey you will ever take is the journey from your mind to your heart, and now the conditions on earth are perfect to take that journey. The energies are hilariously high and heart connections and intuitive hunches are so much easier to feel and also to understand, on a heart level.

Don’t believe everything they say on TV (mass media): they are not telling the whole truth. (They never have.)  But the fairies do – just like animals.  They speak from the heart and they have no hidden agendas.

fairy wisdom plants animals

Heart based living… It is simple and the only way to live.

If the nature can do it, so can we. The more we listen to the fairies and animals or plants, our amazing teachers, the easier it will be for us, to see the light that we are, to see that we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change for the better and our hearts show the way.

Have a good day!

Carpe diem!

Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people. They are good for you. And they attract fairies. ;o}