Bulldog gets his TV!

pet psychic bulldog

Nice article from New Zealand (Hawkes Bay TODAY).

The wishes of this beautiful bulldog come true after the animal communication session and he is not bored anymore, because he has TV in his home now! (Yes, some animals actually enjoy watching telly.)  Jay Dobson was also on TV recently talking about his newly found skills (he has been working as a psychic medium before, but only recently realized that he can communicate with animals as well).

He admits that some psychics who can do the same, simply refuse to talk about it, because they are afraid that people might laugh at them.

After years of translating AC stuff to Finnish (the bulldog’s story is already translated to Finnish), I know at least 300 (professional) pet psychics/animal communicators around the world.

I am not laughing at them. I never have. I think they are absolutely fabulous souls.

But I am often laughing at the impeccable sense of humor the animals have… Their messages are precious pearls of wisdom, but sometimes they just simply crack me up. I love when that happens!

Jay says something on his Facebook page about his gift:

Like many young children, I used to have what others called imagery friends, which I would spend countless hours playing with during my childhood. And like many children these friends soon disappeared when I started school and my life become more social with real life people. So I had thought.

I first noticed my gift (again) when as a teenager, at my grandfather’s wake, while the family was in the kitchen making cups of coffee; I was sitting in the lounge. Without thinking too much about it, I went out to the kitchen and asked what Granddad was buried in. I told my mother what I had seen him wearing. My Mother said “No don’t know, you will have to ask your father, only he and the undertaker know because dad and the undertaker chose them ” then mum asked why and I said “Oh he is sitting in the lounge”. When I asked my father. “He told me “that’s right, down to the tassels on his brown shoes”

A few years later when I went for a reading with a local medium, she explained to me about my gift, and became my mentor. Together she helped in training my abilities, offering books to read, and pointing me in the direction of development groups and the Spiritualist Church.

As in one case, which was a high profile case at the time. about a young person was murder in Napier a few years ago and I have spoken to the family member of this person and have given much relief to her and her family. –Jay Dobson.

Also Arielle the cat shared something on Facebook today about making wishes. She makes wishes for others as a part of her and her human’sPet Psychic Edwina (Australia) – work — and they sometimes come true as well. What a great cat!

cat wishes for others

Talk about the law of attraction – I saw these two articles/posts the first thing in the morning.

This might be a good day to – make a wish!

*Blowing out the candles on my imaginary birthday cake right now.*