The matters of life and death

The video above talks about how dogs can help with finding cancer. Our pets can sense these things on many levels – so never underestimate the “strange” signals they are sending you: sometimes the things they wish to tell us are matters of life and death.  — I remember that also Laura Stinchfield has once said that for example cat can go to extremes and pee on the bed, when his/her person is sick and needs to see a doctor. I have seen several cases like this in animal communication sources, as well as cases, when the pet has taken the illness – or emotions – of his/her person to its own body, to transmute and to heal it. — Well, I posted about horses before, how they told that manure is a great source of information. They can see/sense everything they need to know from it, like images in their heads… Obviously pee works just as well, when they train dogs to find cancer. ;o) — And animals can naturally see our auras as well, and the illness can always be seen first in the energy field, as a darker, denser, energy, before it manifests in the physical body…  — Listen to your animals – listen with your heart; just like this lady on this video did.