500 years old turtle speaks up

animal communication from Korea

Animal communication reveals sometimes interesting things about the earth. You are not able to have any secrets with animals... In Kim Jungsoo’s book “Voices of the Sea” a sea turtle from the island of Jeju reveals some interesting things about the state of the sea and life on earth in general.

These words are not what you hear in nature documentaries by BBC.

Radiation accident from Japan slowed down our senses. So I couldn’t get the right direction. The Sea water is seriously polluted by Japanese radiation, I’m getting headache due to it. I’m going to leave the East Sea and move to a very far place, which would be Indian ocean. Don’t ask me how I know radiation, I’m a victim already. It is surprising humans are not doing anything , when this radiation spread to the all ocean, it will change the land you live in as well. That will be a big disaster, humans must do something . Hurry! (It was July, 2013 when I talked to the turtle. It revealed Japan discharged radiated water to the ocean afterwards.)

Kim, Jungsoo (2014-01-22). Voices of the Sea: A psychic interview with dolphins (Kindle Locations 127-130). Kkume. Kindle Edition.

So, instead of making arrogant assumptions about the state of nature  – or other nations – we could just have a little chat with the animals. Simple as that… As much as scientists like to help humanity by exploring nature and all life, the truth is that they rather kill & dissect life (or lock them in the laboratories to make them work as chemical test dummies) in order to understand it, instead of accept the possibility of intuitive animal communication, and just speak with the animals themselves.

Animals know what is happening on earth. Much better than we have realized so far.

The Jeju turtle you meet in this book is over 500 years old (people think that they live only up to 300 years). Imagine the amount of wisdom, if you have been on earth that long!

If you love the waters & oceans of this planet and wish to learn more about the animals in them: get this little book to your Kindle! The title says it is an interview with a dolphin, but there are some other animals as well.

It is another animal communication book that will blow the minds and the hearts of the readers. Another amazing source of animal wisdom that will help all those, who are ready and willing, to evolve spiritually. Well, I like the part when the turtle says that we have already evolved a lot!

I surely hope so…

This book is also available in Korean!

turtle talk excerpt