License to trim

permission to cut plants
Sage gives a hint how to work with plants in your garden or in the house.

Something to ponder while working in the garden this spring… Frankly, 10 years ago, I met a healer – when I began to walk down my spiritual path – who always asked the plant or tree, before making any cuts. (At the time I thought she was a bit hysterical…) (I know better now.) However, she did not give them the 3 days’ notice! — So, if you are working in the garden during the weekend, remember to send a kind mental note to the plants on Wednesday that you are going to run with the scissors in the garden! :o)

Source of the photo: Plant Souls Speak through Robert Shapiro (Healing Energies of Live Plants) (Kindle Edition).  (Including marijuana – even 3 chapters of wisdom from this controversial plant.) The energies of live plants do not create chemical dependencies. That is the beauty of it. — There are also plants that can heal, even cancer (Angelica would be a good to start with), when you interact with them, for example by meditating or praying – when they are alive and kicking.) — So, in order to heal with herbs, you do not have to kill them… The plant kingdom has much more to offer to humanity. They have chosen their roles on this planet, just like the animals. They are willing to help us, if we are ready to accept their wisdom into our hearts. Sage also tells the reader of this book that it is one of the plants that can help you to communicate intuitively with animals/pets. Sage is an expert in all kinds of communication problems.