Candy’s Journey to Animal Communication

“The hardest thing for me with communicating with animals, is hearing my pets tell me that they have done what they came into this life to do, and it is time to move on. On the other hand, what a gift to be prepared and have closure for both of us. The best thing, is being able to connect humans to their animals, and to help them heal and transform with the help of animals. I see how throughout my whole life, I have been guided and supported by animals especially during my darkest times, and they have helped me to heal from my dark past. ” I believe you. ;o} –Lea.

How did I start my journey with communicating with animals and healing?

 I came from a space of darkness. Everywhere I turned people wanted to hurt me, they had their own agendas, and they played their mind games. It felt so confusing to me, for someone would say something, yet it felt so wrong to me, I knew they didn’t mean what they said and I didn’t understand why you would say something if you don’t mean it. I am one who speaks from the soul. I don’t like to play games, and I find myself being brutally honest, which some humans find challenging. Humans tend to look at life as conditional, they are always wanting something ~ at least, that was my experience of life, and everyone was taking. Except for the animals. I always had such a deep love of animals, I could watch them for hours and…

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