Mini-Interview Animal Communication

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Cat's Eye oil on canvas by Eileen AnglinCat’s Eye by Eileen Anglin

A short interview I did for a child’s project about animal communication. I loved the fact that a child was going to present this to a school, as his project. Such a brave kid! Heck, I still sometimes have trouble talking about what I do to strangers, so I admire the courage of this child. I enjoyed this very much. I thought to include it for your enjoyment as well.

 In your opinion, do you think animal communication is interesting?

Very interesting. It is also very fulfilling, to be able to help animals and their owners.

Do you find telepathy easy?

Yes I do. I have been telepathic and empathic since childhood. I thought all people were this way. I found it hard to understand why other people couldn’t do it too.

 Do you find out little secrets about families?
Yes. The animal will tell me…

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