Rising from the ruins of a cat temple

companion in previous lives


I got an e-mail from my cat on the morning of my birthday.

It can not get better than that.

It was a bit of a mystery to me, how the things began to unfold, but all I know is that I entered a competition to win an animal communication session with pet psychic Edwina on Facebook — and several days later I noticed that I had won.

I was excited. And surprised, when I learned that Mr. Purri had asked for us to win the session from Edwina. I began to wonder that my boy had something to tell me, something that I was meant to hear at this point of my life. It felt important.

Because I had a chance to do so, I asked my cat if he had been in my life before in this lifetime. His answer: yes. (My own thoughts were confirmed.) I asked if we both were in ancient Egypt (this is something he showed two 2 different people when he came to my life) or was it just him, who had been in the cat temple.

His answer: we were both there. I was the priestess in the cat temple vision he showed two years ago. I had many cats around me (they all looked the same: black with piercing blue eyes) and actually I knew them all by name…!

Great. I was a crazy cat lady in ancient Egypt, I thought. :o}

Actually, I have been quite unwilling to get excited about Egypt, unlike so many spiritual people.

With the help of my Birman boy – and Edwina – I understood that when I was killed in the end of that life (with a sword) by jealous and greedy fellow humans, I had sworn not to use my intuition again or to be a wealthy person again. (Those were the very reasons I was murdered.)

I was a priestess in a cat temple, a healer and a seer: I was able to communicate with nature spirits, animals, angels and babies. People came to see me, even from other countries, and I was wealthy and obviously quite happy to be in service of humanity – and cats.

These two cards of my life were suddenly put on the table with this animal communication session: a) why it has been so difficult for me to communicate with animals, even when I do believe (150%) that  it works, or b) why I live alone, in a cave, in the middle of nowhere and own just a couple of bags of clothes and books. Nothing else.

It was all because of that life… I know a couple of other lives I have lived and they have a huge impact on this life as well. (Most of our passions, irrational fears or energy blocks come from our previous lives.)  No matter how “dead and gone” those lives are, they are still part of me. Just like the cat companion. I was there when she died in my arms, many years ago, and yet he is with me again, very much so, talking about the days when he was with me for the first time…

Can a cat lady get crazier than this? :o)

I never really knew what hit me, when I grabbed my first animal communication book in 2008. I got so excited about the messages of animals, I got so hooked up on this subject that I wanted to share everything I ever learned with others. I have never been so passionate about anything in my life, ever.

So, it has been an agony not to be able to communicate with animals myself, even though I know that my intuition is very sharp when it hits me. It hits me like a lightning, and it is always right… I tell Mr. Purri often, how much I would like to hear him. — Obviously he got bored and showed me what is the problem behind the… problem.

Edwina said that because I had closed the ancient life in Egypt from my “system”, I had closed the ability to communicate with animals as well. The moment the sword hit me, when the crowd killed me, I made up my mind not to have anything to do with intuition. That is how powerful tools the previous lives can be. We have made decisions to be this way, or that way, ages ago, and unfortunately all these decisions do not serve us in this time anymore.

It is time to let them go.

This kind of decisions and conclusions we have made are quite usual ways to give our power away, to literally give pieces of our soul away… Shamans use a method called soul retrieval to make souls whole again. I began to work with Soul Retrieval Reiki the moment I understood the message Mr. Purri was sending me: I have been an animal communicator before, and I can be one also in this life, the moment I let go of the past. It was a very healing moment for me. My energy levels began to shift immediately, when I began to call my soul/power back to me, and I have seen very vivid dreams 4 nights in a row. I know I am a different person, when this process is finished, when I am able to let go of the old.

I am so grateful for my precious cat master, who has walked with me, life after life, and he said that he will be with me for the next few hundred years as well. And I am very grateful to Edwina! She is amazing. (You might also have a chance to win an animal communication session with her on Facebook!)

chicken bores me the cat says


When I asked, if there was something this Sacred Birman would like to say about his food he said: “Chicken bores me.” (I have noticed that.) I need to get something with stronger flavor for him – after all, it is his birthday next week! I have no idea what to give him, after this huge gift he gave to me.

So, you better believe me, I am more excited than ever about being an animal (communication) advocate… I know my intuition will rise and shine, like a phoenix from the ashes of Egyptian cat temple, when I am finally ready to accept the gifts my soul has to share. The gifts I had a strong urge to hide, because they were the ones that got me killed.

I actually got scars to prove my ancient death: I have pretty nasty looking birth marks on my body. I have always known, deep inside me, that I have been stabbed in one of my previous lives. The birth marks are a sign of that. Edwina said that it is exactly how it goes: birth marks, moles and so on, can be clues from our past, or clues of the way we have “died”.

Mr. Purri says that I am on the right path. (That was a relief to hear. I have thought that I am totally clueless…)

He knows me better than anyone else in my life at the moment. He says that he trusts me. And he also trusts himself.

He is much more relaxed than he was 2 decades ago, loves to be a cave cat, a companion to a cave woman, to live a simple life, without any luxuries.

He says that simple life is good. He does not miss the life he lead with younger version of me, he says it was much more complicated life and the lessons he gave me back then were also more complicated.

Now our life is simple. And simple is good.

I know I have a very wise friend to talk with, when I am able to talk with my little big man, Mr. Purri.

I wish to God nobody kills me for it. Again.