Love activism

love is blind or is it


The previous post made me think.

Sacred activism and all.

(You are free to run now.)

Recently my belief in love has also made me change the way I click “Like” on Facebook or on blog posts all over the Internet.

I kind of realized that I can not like everything… and if I like it, do I really, really like it, or is it just something that looks good, but when I click the link (Facebook is first WARNING trying to control me… and I am pissed off already because of it…:o) and when I finally get there, there is a whole bunch of text over there that I definitely can not say that I resonate with.

It is obvious that the site is not about love, it is made from the place of money, because the site is filled with advertisements, and the amount of information is minimal or very difficult to find among all the ads that give you a seizure. My heart grows weary of all this useless stuff people try to push at my face, in the name of  love money — or as many clicks as possible.

Have you noticed, how websites try to make you click their page 10-15  times in a row, just because you could see all the cute pictures they have found stolen from other sites?

I am already gone at that point… and when I try to get back to Facebook, the bloody WARNING is nagging at me again.

Holy crap!

One more reason to stick only to animal/plant/nature communication stuff!

Folks in that business are mostly… reasonable human beings.

And yes, there is a possibility that I sometimes think too much, but nevertheless, I am a believer of the Heart.

That is my problem… if you ever feel like asking: ‘What is your problem?’

It has slowly changed my mindset, so that I like to keep things simple. Acting less and definitely not clicking ‘Like’ on everything I see in social media or Facebook or whatever. It is probably not sacred activism, but it made me feel better to admit myself that I do not have to like everything – (i.e. please everyone).

What it comes to animals, they either love you or they do not care about you at all.

They know whether to love you or not, when they look into your heart.

While humans are not able to see into the hearts of others (most of us are not) we ridiculously rely on appearance, home,car, prosperity, title –  or the Like. That is when it all goes awry… Everybody is pretending to be somebody that they are not…   So to me it is so damn obvious that wisdom rises from the heart.

I’ve seen long enough that animals follow their heart, and they are much wiser than we, as humanity (at the moment, anyway).

Animals do not please everyone by “clicking Like”. They lick only the faces they love. Love rules their actions.

I like to call it love activism.

Love also knows when it is time to say nothing….

That is pretty much what Tailbook is all about, I guess.

About listening to your heart and acting accordingly, with love and compassion, and only those two, so that as ‘radical‘ as it might seem to others – or yourself – the action still comes from the place of love.

Love is magic and love is all there is. Love is not about pleasing everybody and posting only cute pictures online, but love does not insult, either. So I hope you are not offended, if I am not clicking always “Like”. I might like you anyway, but I just do not feel like clicking Like all the time. Maybe I take “Like” too seriously…but I surely do hope all those who click “Like” here, also mean what they like… ;o] Like spam is also… well, spam.

I understand when they say that the Web of Love is the new Internet.

When we (finally)  learn to connect with our hearts, the Internet dies away – or at least it will be very different. Web of Love (animals talk about it a lot) and love as a concept surely do not fit very well our limited human mindsets, all our human theories about love suck big time, and we will realize it some day. On the day we “die”, if not sooner.

So more than just speculating the true meaning of love, we should just go with the heart. A heart is what we need in order to understand love. That is the root of the profound, sacred, wise and yes, actually quite simple life.

Only now, when I am forty-something, I have learned to see the simple beauty of life. (Oh, crap, my cat was so right…!) (There’ll be no living with him now, would Jack Sparrow say.) And that understanding is what has taken me closer to “paradise” than I have ever been before on this complicated planet.

Love is very simple, after all. It is one of the simplest things out there. It is all there is.

In Rita M. Reynold’s book ‘Ask the Cow‘ (see what I posted from the book in 2013) Christina the cow says:

” Christina once told me that cows as a group understand that people will one day shed the erroneous belief that human beings are superior to everyone and everything else on the planet. cows are patient folk; they are waiting for us to grow up. but wild animals just want us to leave. Anger, Christina then told me, is not the opposite of love. There is no opposite to love. Love really is all there is, it’s just that one’s perception, and subsequent willingness to act on that perception (also called intent), will color how one sees or does not see love. Cows know this; people work at it. Being angry simply means we are confused about love. One day the confusion will be cleared up and there will be only the perception of love as it truly is.

There is hope for the human race, according to Christina. And that means there is hope for the planet to survive intact. But we struggling humans had better start communicating more with one another about love rather than hate and crime and disease, and all those other so-called “negative” things.

Turn off the news, Christina advises. And open your ears, your eyes, your hearts and voice to what really matters. ”

Page 121 (Chapter 20 – It’s Love)

Love activism… I like that. A rebel in me likes that a lot.

I am dying to see some love on this planet … or maybe I need to die in order to see some love on this planet?!!

I haven’t seen love in humanity in a long time. I see love in animals, every day, but human beings, great souls in their flesh suits… they are masters of ignoring love, even if it hits their face.

What it comes to dying, it is not a bad thing. If you want to know what it is like to be dead, read this book.

Life – nor death – is not so bad after all… when you are able to laugh a little.

Haw haw.

That is one 2 second laughter.