Duck message!

duck message and attunement via Coryelle Kramer


See the original blog post about how it all happened. Reik Fur Babies have blogged about the ducks as well!

This attunement took place on June 20, just before the Summer Solstice on northern hemisphere. The energies have risen so high after the weekend that it feels like we are able to spread our wings and fly with the ducks soon… I can literally feel the joy pouring out from my heart – no matter what the circumstances are. The veil between us and our soul is very thin indeed, and the ducks are so right when they say that we are divinely happy folks. Can you feel it? Enjoy the summer – if you have one. I am not sure if we have one… our summertime is suddenly very cold, after pretty warm spring.

Weird. But life is weird. Life is weird and fun. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. :o}

Thanks for the message, ducks.