Diana Cooper is an animal communicator, too!


Diana Cooper talks about Pea Horley‘s new book on this video. They are both Hay House authors, but what is magical is that even though Diana Cooper has been widely known as an angel expert, all around the world, you can say that she is an animal communicator as well.

That is the gift Venus The Dog gave her, when she met her. It was love at first sight, even though Diana was quite sure that she will never get a dog… [Exactly like I thought when I got Mr. Purri. So, there really are no unwanted (animal) babies: they are all wanted and loved born with a great mission – we are just not always aware of it… until we listen to our heart.]


Venus the dog blogs and her blog post about the way she was introduced to nature elementals, is absolutely adorable. There are also angels involved… Venus diaries will be published as a book on July 7, 2014 and the title is Venus: A diary of a puppy and her angel. I bet it is an interesting read. See also an article where Diana discusses about telepathy and animals and their angels.

Venus has also something to say in Diana’s latest Newsletter.

BTW: One special angel that Diana talks about is Archangel Fhelyai: he is the angel of animals and his color is bright yellow light. Maybe you have seen his colorful energy around your furry babies. At least he will be there, if you ask him to be! (This kind of energies are relatively easy to capture with modern digital cameras, as colors or as orbs, as you can see in this post on Facebook by Diana.

AA Fhelyai via Diana Cooper

Taken from the book: A New Light on Angels.