Sniffing with a suspicious cat

So very cool to see how animal communication helps all over the world.. This time in Japan. (I think.) Mio is one suspicious and angry cat and thinks nobody wanted her in the first place. Well, when an animal communicator (Heidi Wright) sits down with her and her family she begins to shift into a very different mood. See part 1, too, if you wish to see the whole story of hissing and scratching and sniffing. — Yes, everybody is crying. Even the Mom, who obviously does not wish to cry in front of the cameras… but can not help it. Brave people, brave cat.

One of the so many examples: whatever you do, do it with love. Animals can sense, if they are not wanted in the house. Clear communication, calm talk with the pet (like talking to a human friend, really), is needed to help new family members to adjust. It does not happen like “snapping your fingers”, so give it some time for the new home to sink in… Your contribution and your heart is needed.