Reminders of our amazing abilities

book excerpt sudden therapy cat communicationYup. Sudden revelations considering the mental state of your pet can hit you when you least expect it. It is possible to hear them, even when you are not even trying to. There are moments, when the emotions are so strong and powerful that they push through the barriers of the mind and hit the intuitive nerve of the heart instantly…

I love this therapy cat case that Marta Williams shares with her readers in her book Learning their language. The fact that it happened on Halloween makes it a bit funny and I bet it will be always remembered…  :o}  Another sudden revelation hit a woman called Angela, when she helped her dog, totally unintentionally, to the other side:

As he (the vet) was injecting the needle and delivering the shot I felt Roxy’s (dog) spirit leave her body and to my surprise I left with her, in no time at all I had traveled so far from where I was standing on earth and had traveled to another galaxy light years away. But, then as if no time at all had passed I was standing back at the exam table with the doctor and my dog’s body. Her spirit had just traveled from our world to the next.  Do all dogs go to Heaven? YES guaranteed, that is what I learned. The experience changed my life, I became a vegetarian, so I would daily remember the beauty of my puppy.  –Angela

Okay. One more from Facebook via Pet Psychic Radio:

Rocky was 14 years old when he died on 4/11/14. He died alone at the vet clinic. His person was very sad about this. When I asked him about his passing he replied, “I wished my Mom was there so that she could wrap me in a blanket and hold me, but I started to feel her getting closer. All of a sudden, I jumped out of my body and I ran to her full speed. I then leaped into her chest and into her heart. I became her and I became love. That is how I got to Heaven by jumping in her chest. It was instant relief. I was so glad that I felt better.” —Laura Stinchfield, Pet Psychic Radio

In this case the woman in question was not even aware of the fact that she had been helping her dog to make the transition to the other side, until she hears about if from Laura…! I have heard some other cases like this as well: we can be in many places at the same time, on a soul level, if we are needed somewhere. However, we might not always be aware of it – which is good, because it might be quite distracting and it could make our daily lives impossible.

May these spontaneous “accidents” remind us today, how amazing, multidimensional beings of light we are and how amazing things can happen to human beings, just like that, when we least expect it. — Some call them miracles, or even worse: supernatural… Calling things supernatural is like an insult against our very own essence: everything is quite natural, indeed, on a soul level.

Like going Home

It is our human side that makes such a big fuss about things like these, but our souls know better.