Animals and music

This is funny… from pet psychic Patrice Ryan.

Also Laura Stinchfield has written an article about her animals and their music taste. Yeah, some animals like rock and roll! I remember one dog said that he loves to go for a ride with dad and listen to the music in the car. But then again, it must be quite a trip to the dog, if you remember what pet psychic Patty Rayman said in the article I posted earlier about the car rides and dogs, when they put their head out of the car window. (“It’s like streaming 20 channels of video at the same time. It’s all smell and it just flows through her. The speed of it is fascinating to them. It’s the best thing ever. I don’t know why they don’t get tired of it, because it seems like it would be exhausting.“) Animals pick up our energy, so if we are happy while driving a car, usually the dog is one happy camper as well.