Feral cat healings and teachings

Note for the sensitive: there is a picture of an open wound in this text.

Someone I’ve met online sent me an e-mail on June 7th  that the wild, feral cat, who is hanging around her house is in pretty bad condition.

A predator – maybe an owl – had attacked him and he had a nasty wound in his belly. He was limping around, but never let people very near him.

Believe me, they had tried to catch him.

There was no question about it: he was wild cat and he intended to be so also in the future.

We had accepted that choice several months back, when it was still winter and extremely cold in Finland. And we did understand his choice, because feral cats have a mission on their own on Earth  and some of them never wish to live in our houses.

But the wound was bad. (I did not see it back then – I saw the picture of the wound only yesterday: it is one nasty wound.)

wild stray cat at heart
Wounded, but wild at heart.

I sent him reiki healing for the night.

On June 8th Divine Mother gave more Healing Codes “from the upstairs” via Isabel Henn, again — and eventually I realized that there were healing codes for inflammation and for purulent inflammation among them.

The cat was limping in the yard, licking his wound in the sun and the wound was already smelly. So we began to use this code on this cat — both of us, me and the closest person to this feral cat.

general inflammation healing code

purulent inflammation healing


I sent a few more reiki healing sessions for him along the code for purulent inflammation. He accepted the energy very well, like animals usually do.

On June 19th I got my healing tuning forks in the mail and I sent immediately an intense tuning fork healing session for the cat as a distant healing.

I got mail on the next day that it seems that the cat is not limping anymore. I did a few more healing sessions for him, usually late at night. The cat never lost his appetite: he was eating all the food that was left for him during the nights and he was seen moving around in the yard.

He refused to play ill, or dead, for us.

We were stunned.

Whatever left over medication for cats (in case of inflammation) there was in the house, was also put to his food. But it seemed that the time of desperation was definitely over.

(When I finally saw the picture of the wound, I understood why the situation felt so desperate to the person who is closest to this cat fellow.)

Before Midsummer the cat was already seen on his regular walks and one of the neighbors reported that he had been seen in a tree nearby.

Obviously the wound was getting better and it was not smelling anymore.

When the Midsummer madness hit Finland (those who have been here during the Midsummer, know what I mean) the weather was very cold (that was also one lucky charm for the cat: no flies, no inflammation) and then the silence fell.

I kind of knew the cat was okay.

I did not hear about the cat until yesterday. He came to the yard yesterday and kindly “showed” his wound to people over there: it was only 1 cm wide — when it was about 10 centimeters wide when it all happened about a month ago (as seen in the pic below).

He was out of the woods — but in the woods he chose to stay.

He is wild and he has been quite a challenging teacher for his “people” during the last winter, this spring and during this summer.

I got the picture of the wound in my e-mail last night. 

stray cats wound
The feral cat and his wound was not a pretty sight.



I am glad I did not see it earlier: my human ego/mind would have freaked out. It was much easier to send the healing sessions without any distracting “panic”. Even though the person who took the picture was absolutely horrified, also she forced herself to forget this horrible image in her mind: she kept on sending the healing code to the cat and visualized that the wound was healed. Period.

And there was  nothing else you really could have done.

The neighbors and everybody else (in the countryside) thought that the cat should be shot to death. This is how things are usually done in the rural areas: all animals are shot, without asking any questions, if they are seen as sick or weak.

In a way, I get that. I lived my childhood in the countryside. It is different life compared to what you see in the animal shelters of the city.

But we decided to follow the codes

What it comes to the healing codes, I began to experiment with them the moment I saw them for the first time, in May, and soon realized, like some others did, that they can be used on pets/animals as well.

They say they are the same codes we have used during the times of Atlantis… I am very sensitive to energies, and I can feel the energy in my body while drawing the code in the air!  Whatever the case, what I care about is that they work and that they are a super cool way to support animals who are as wild at heart as this cat is.

What is interesting is, that the cat in question is going to be talking with an animal communicator later this year, so he is able to share his thoughts with people who know him. He has been a great, yet strict, teacher so far.

He has a certain sense of wildness and wisdom in his eyes. The moment I saw his eyes, I felt that there is no way to catch this guy.

No matter how wounded he might be, wild he will be.

Animals make choices, just like we humans do, every day.

Sometimes you just have to respect those choices and stop acting like a human control freak who has the last word on every bloody action on this planet.