Asking spiders and other bugs to get out

Tips for asking the spiders (or other bugs) to stay out of your home from animal communicator Danielle Tremblay. The bugs and the spiders and the rest of the bunch do listen to you, I have noticed that, but they also have a free will. (For example, animal communicators are not people who just tell animals to do this or that: it does not really work that way. We have to tell animals why we ask them to do this and that and why it is not such a good idea to do something in the first place.) (Sometimes they say NO, like the raccoon said no to Nedda Wittels…)

So, sometimes it works with insects, and sometimes it doesn’t. For example, on these latitudes, it would be foolish to tell the spiders or mice to get the hell out of my home (including the curious mouse that left 3 poops on my pillow – while I was asleep… :o), because it is so friggin cold outside during the winter… But a few times I have told a bee to walk on a piece of paper, and stay there, until I get him out. And they did. It was an amazing feeling to be able to witness AC magic in that way, to see how easy it actually is! It is like talking on Skype with a friend.

What it comes to a protective (energy) shield, I have also tried that. You really, really have to believe in it when you create it with your intention. If your intention is blah, then the field is also quite blah by nature and the bugs get through, because they know you are not serious and you do not even believe in such a thing. In other words, you are not in charge of your space, you just “try if it works”… There is no try. You either do it or just don’t.

Use your power. Mean what you say/intent and say it from the heart.

And yes, sometimes the animals that keep on approaching you are actually trying to tell you something, so don’t kill the messenger… ;o}