The ocean talk

Saw something beautiful today in Kate Sitka’s blog. It struck my heart, because moi, I adore ocean and water.

ocean talk

She talked about listening to your inner voice, your inner guidance, and what kind of messages you might get, and how it would be so easy to just think that it is “only my imagination” (very common thought among all those who practice animal communication) …or that it is crazy.

It all depends on the perspective… I have always been fascinated with everything new. I like updates. I like to update myself, and I do update also my opinions. I am not afraid to evolve, even when it means that I have to change my mind.

Some people do seem to think everything new and fresh is crazy and like to hide behind their daily routines. If you are stuck in the rut, the rules numb your heart or intuition; which is very spontaneous and fast by nature, so it does not get its truth or wisdom through to you. We also numb our minds and bodies with hell of a lot of medication that we do not even need: we just like the false feeling of being safe/healthy/cured or comforted or ‘being cared for’.

We do so many things, just because we are being told to do them…It’s one of the reasons we have grown out of our hearts and rely solely on the brain or reason. So many “authorities” in the world like to keep it that way, just like our Ego.

Intuition is something else. It is like love: it has no rules, it is unpredictable and needs to roam free; yet it is quite familiar to us, because we are all born with it and it is the way we live back Home. (We could do it also here, on Planet Earth.) And when we make our final move (at least in this life) to the spirit world, we communicate without words like we have always done it.

That is the moment of truth for many of us.

We realize that it was not crazy after all, that gut feeling, or that instinct — that damn animal communicator or pet psychic! It was all real..! Duh! I should have listened to my heart more often!

There are messages and signs for you everywhere. They do find their way to you. The wind carries messages. Your pet has something to tell you. The evening breeze might whisper something to you, and if it does, those “words” are meant for your heart only.

Or maybe it is the ocean, like it was with Kate.


Listen to your heart.

Think with your heart. 

That’s the direction our spiritual evolution on earth is heading to: heart will take the lead with its power talk – and it will blow our minds – literally.

Sea World is only a beginning…  we have seen nothing yet. :o}

Cruel ways stumble and greed falls when we find our way back into our hearts. There will be a day when the ocean and the orcas speak straight the CEO of the Sea World.

Soon. I believe hope.

And like we know by now: when the animal wisdom speaks up, nothing is the same anymore. The new (sea) world will be built with the help of animal wisdom.

I think the ocean(s), forests and rivers might like to share some of their wisdom as well. When the landscape designers begin to listen to them, there will be a way new world order. Love order.

Call me a dreamer, if you like. I like to think I am a visionary.

Thoughts become things.

Dream big.

I do.