What do the working dogs think?

service dogs speak

This book is a must read for all who wish to know what is going on the minds of the working dogs / service dogs, and how they grow up to do what they do. — I have always admired service dogs. They are absolutely amazing.

See the author’s webpage or get the book for your Kindle right now!

Another interesting book from an animal communicator… There are about 200 animal communication books in the world and you can see new ones almost every month! That’s the way I like it… The Word gets out there, animal wisdom, that is.


If you want to make a donation to Tailbook, you can buy the book for me so that I can review it on Tailbook later.  (I would love to do that.)

Update: Woohoo! I got the book from the author and will be able to review it on Tailbook soon! Thank you!

Marianne donates all the royalties to Canine Companions, which is also another big bonus.

What they say about the book on Amazon:

“You see a working dog in a cape and you wonder: Can I pet him? How did he get to be so well-trained? Is he happy? In Let the Dogs Speak! four puppies tell their funny, suspenseful, and heartwarming tales of just how it all goes down as they train for the opportunity to be service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence®. Follow Hudson, Parker, Ross and Mars on their journeys, with each puppy providing a uniquely hilarious spin on things. Which of the four dogs will make it? Readers can’t help but root for the pups to succeed and graduate as service dogs.”

I have spotted several other new animal communication books lately, check them out over Tumblr.