Energetic signs in the yard give you away

cats read our energetic footprints all over the place

Another interesting view to the lives of feral cats from Danielle Tremblay, just like the one via Nancy Windheart I posted earlier.

As multidimensional beings of light, we tend to leave our energetic footprints very carelessly all over the place… And then the cats (and other animals as well) read us like an open book…  How perfect the world is, when we talk in the terms of pure energy.

And now we know how the cat ladies, well, become cat ladies… :o) When the word is out there, in the Web of Love, they just know.

And yeah, the move loving footprints you leave behind, more love you will attract.

Love is the new currency…

…humans are just dragging a bit behind animal kingdom.

They (animals) must be frustrated out of their minds with us..!

No wonder they all get so excited, when they get a chance to speak via animal communicators to their humans.