Senior pet talk is not puppy talk

senior pets

Senior pets are super cool to have around. They have a certain something in their eyes (blind or not) that I can only describe with the words serene wisdom. They have an amazing aura around themselves, and they do not waste their energy: they ponder carefully every move they make, so they do not have moves like Jagger – like puppies often have.

Puppies are adorable and curious, they have the whole world in front of their cold and wet noses, but senior pets have already seen so much that they do not make “wrong moves”: they rather seem to think and ponder life, just like humans often do when they get older and begin to see the bigger picture a bit better.

November is “Adopt A Senior Pet month, but you do not have to wait until November to give a home to a gentle senior cat or a dog…

I have one “retired supermodel” with me, and his presence is such a great gift and honor that I am very grateful for him every day, even though (in this life) we will not have so many mutual years together than you would normally have. He has already given me so much during these two years we have been together that even if I lost him tomorrow, I would not change a thing. There is a reason for everything that ever happens and a divine timing… Sometimes less is more… Living in the now is all you need to do – and enjoy the time spent together with a senior pet with a gentle soul.

Magic-cat talks about aging in Faye Roger‘s latest newsletter:

Magic is a beautiful female elderly cat with limited sight, Magic shares her special heart warming insight relating to aging…

……the elderly are difficult because they do not fit into what is considered the norm as the elderly have different needs and are not always that beautiful to look at as the human spirit sees the exterior and forgets to see the interior but the elderly if cat or animal or human or plant has a noble majestic beauty that the young do not have – the elderly if they are in the energy of acceptance which so few elderly humans are but if they are then they are in the noble majestic beauty of acceptance – acceptance isn’t relating to one being treated cruelly or unfair but acceptance of treasuring the moment that you are in – of saying to yourself it is alright to be this way and that you are not a nuisance and that you are a living being with different needs than you had before and that accidents can happen or confusion can happen at times because one isn’t as perky or as bright as they used to be but then due to one isn’t as perky or as bright as one used to be then this can also be spending time relating to energy of self and dreaming – dreaming isn’t necessarily just relating to what humans see as dreaming as it can also relate to soul dreaming so the soul is spending time in the spiritual heavens whilst the earthly body is snoozing away and the majority of living beings do this – in dream state go back to soul energy regularly but for the elderly that are in energy of acceptance when they wake from their dreams their soul energy is so strong so beautiful they are acceptance energy of being old and not struggling with this and are instead viewing their world as spectacular of colours regardless of what colours can be seen – so senses go higher on some things and also go lower on other things – when one has taken sight away which means eyes fade then other senses will become stronger but also with aging the hearing can become less and even the taste buds become less due to glands and organs are a bit sour but there are other senses of awareness and it could be feeling like the heart energy of your own self is so strong so vibrant and that this means that your awareness is heightened – so living in my colourless world I actually have a lot of colour as I feel and sense more than I could possibly have imagined as the senses have turned inward but also turned outward to the greater universe.