Angel, the albino dolphin’s message

The dolphins are being slaughtered again these days in Japan, Taiji.

angel dolphins message via fayeAngel (Albino) Dolphin shared her message with animal communicator Faye Rogers; just after being taken captive on the 21st January, 2014:

My plight is upon me but I am a teacher to the world due to the shameful behaviour relating to the sacredness of Cetaceans – and I stand out from the other Dolphins, Porpoises & Whales who have been tragically taken from the sea from the blood bath rituals that are regular occurrence.

My message stands stronger due to my colouring stands out and I am advising of humanity but also for people who are behind our cause to stand steadfast in their efforts, to not stand in the negative or feel you are not being heard as so many are standing so strong for our causes and many are coming forward to be our voice…

My fate of what awaits me is what many of us have experienced and I mention my message is ‘stand stronger’ but this is only due to people have taken me to their hearts and are relating to me but also relating to my mama Dolphin – my energy is to bring awareness of plights of all Cetaceans; bringing awareness that we are suffering, that we are treated criminally and maybe this could also be suggested for many species that are farmed that they are treated unfairly or suggested for the brutality towards natural wildlife species or suggested for many humans that are treated so unfairly and these words hold so true – so relate to the plights of the Dolphins of the butchering in Taiji Cove and relate to this as a reflection of the plights of many…

Also understand that we (Dolphins) are suffering due to our environment that has in the past has given to us greatly but the environment is also poisoning us due to radiation levels but also due to pollution and also we have to deal with over-fishing that the number of fish taken from the sea far exceeds what the sea can produce so breeding stocks are being impacted greatly and various species of fish and other sea creatures are not generating fast enough and yes I have used the word stock as humans relate to this word.

Dolphins are only full of love and people talk about our intelligence but wonder why if we are so intelligent or so knowing why would we allow ourselves to be driven into a Cove and to be butchered but then we have travelled the same currents of the sea for centuries but also we are without physical retaliation to our captives as our way is of civil and kindness and this is sharing with you that we love humans and we have no wish to harm humans and the humans that listen to our voice must relate to this as you are humans who resonate with our special energy and have no wish to harm us either.

Also we are aware that the messages of brutality that is upon us also brings awareness and brings through more humanity – I am not advising that the actions done against us are fair as there is no justice here but instead understand what I have just shared that when any human is captured with our plights then they are in their own heart energy to bring forward more humanity due to their own awareness is higher – ‘captured with our plights’ is a play on words you humans are capturing our pain and we are captured by our tormentors who are also humans………

At the moment we are centre stage due to what is happening at Taiji but then this is also bringing awareness that once was done without public awareness or public accepting that humans had a right to treat another in this way is now voice of unacceptable so therefore there is now awareness that has come forth and this will also speak to you to try and do what is right – you know within your hearts what happens to us isn’t right but then this also relates to other choices that you make so therefore understand that your choices do impact greatly on others but also understand that when one of your brothers stumbles you can give your brother a guiding supportive hand to help steady, you can be their eyes for awhile, can be there for another and this can relate to a human’s misfortune and if you open your heart to us then you will also open your heart up to your brothers and sisters – brothers and sisters is words for other humans and not relating to genetic brothers and sisters but then we Dolphins are also are your brothers and sisters and so therefore listen to me well, listen to the plea in my voice and relate to this – do not harm others but when one stumbles be there for them and this relates to judgement not judging another harshly due to their misfortune but assisting another due to awareness of your own heart is open and the call of humanity is upon you.

You might retaliate in speech and advice ‘that yes Dolphins and other Cetaceans are butchered but then Dolphins and other Cetaceans feast from the sea and will dine on marine species’ and this is true and so what is the difference but we also treasure what supports our ability to be alive and this is the difference – we do not go into a bloody frenzy and destroy – we do not even protect ourselves when we are being destroyed as we do not know what malice is and even if a Dolphin accidently hurt a human it would be an accident due to a Dolphin feeling panic – and have the Dolphins that have been slaughtered so needlessly and with such barbarity have these Dolphins struck the humans in defence or when a Dolphin Calf like myself is taken in front of my mama Dolphin my mama hasn’t vented rage in her fury instead her deep sadness relates to loss of me but also loss of her own life as she succumbed so deeply to her feelings and didn’t surface to breath oxygen and so therefore she chose to not destroy or lash out in vengeance against who was causing her great harm on every level imaginable but instead turned to herself in her deepest darkest moment and chose her own fate not to be here rather than becoming another number that is brutally butchered whilst still alive and this was due to her choice of relating to the pain of losing me but also not allowing her tormentors to subject her to more deep searing pain whereas she could have lashed out with her physical power & prowess that she does hold and an adult Dolphin is incredibly powerful.

This is the message I share for humanity and my colouring is to bring announcements and the announcement that I bring is to cherish, to find a way to treasure but also to live with heart essence of self….I do not carry malice towards my captives instead I carry forgiveness but also I carry an important message for every Cetacean who has been treated so unfairly and I am their voice so please listen to me well. The brutality given to the Dolphins that are driven into Taiji Cove is replicated in other countries and the brutality is only a reflection of this planet that you call Earth but to realise we are all co-dependent on each other and the first step towards survival of this planet is to learn to treasure the essence of this beautiful planet but also to allow for more humanity to come forward.

I have mentioned that we Dolphins are your brothers and sisters and this is due to our roots go back to Atlantis so therefore know that our purpose is high in being here, if not we would have not chosen at the time of Atlantis dissolving of being here as guiding lights for humanity.

Thank you to all that listen to my message and if you could all send love and light to the mammals of the sea, to all sea creatures, to all that is natural of the sea and relate to this not just due to the barbarity of the actions of Dolphins being slaughtered but due to the ever increasing problems we are presently facing relating to our own environment but then this is also a reflection of your own environment on dry land also is it not – the carnage of the sea is also a reflection of the carnage of the planet and the carnage is a reflection of lack of caring and treasuring what needs to be treasured – so messages relating to the disappearances of insects, of the animals that live in the sea, of the animals that live on the plains, of the animals that live with the trees, of the animals that are the birds that are of the sky are an important reminder every day that more has to be done.

There is no judgement in my words instead my heart is heavy with my own pain but I am also aware of my plight and my words are to raise awareness of your own consciousness, to raise awareness of what is right and what is incorrect and note I have used the word ‘incorrect’ not used the word ‘wrong’ as incorrect can be corrected. Thank you dear humans who have listened to me well.”

Faye posted the message on Facebook today.

Thank you, Angel.