My mama said: trust your heart

The sky is filled with flocks of birds who leave these latitudes. They always remind me of the sweet, little common goldeneye girl, who never learned to fly – even thought she was very hopeful about it the day she was being interviewed for our humble e-magazine in 2010. She had to say goodbye to her family and watch as they left her behind and trust her heart – just like her mother told her to.

My illustration for the book “The Power of Silent Wisdom” that was published in Finnish a few years ago. The common goldeneye shared her wisdom in the book as well. 

The common goldeneye speaks in The Power of Silent Wisdom, Issue 4:

Hello, I have waited for a while to share my thoughts with you. I was told before that someone will contact me. I did not understand what it meant first, but I was trustful. I was also told that we are going to talk about trust (Maiccu told her) and I am ready to tell you what it means to me.

I am just a simple bird, but I have a strange story to tell you. How I ended up here, in the spotlight in front of you all; it must have some deeper meaning. The universe, and the world we are living in, makes no mistakes. I have been studying the terms of humans and the ways they think for few weeks now, and I think it is quite interesting. I would like to say a few words about it, if you do not mind.

(Maiccu: Of course, you can say whatever you wish to say.)

This is my very own opinion, no more, no less. I think that you people think in a very complicated way. You, Maiccu, have thought about this interview a lot and you have made it much too complicated. I am just a simple bird, I have ordinary thoughts, like anybody, and some of you might be interested in them, some of you are not. There is no need to cling to it.  I let my thoughts flow to you and you translate them for other people to read. When are you going to learn to trust yourself and you stop thinking about things beforehand too much? Here you see once again, that things were not as you thought they were. Don’t you think it would be good to just trust the moment and the time you are in now and make the best out of it then and there, without thinking about it too much beforehand? It is very good to bring this up now, because your theme is trust. This is a great lesson for you. This interview is probably different than you thought it would be and that is the greatest lesson of it. Why think so much about things, since they are going to be different than you thought anyway, in the end the result is always perfect.

I say this to you, people. This is the true essence of trust. Be in this moment and believe that you have everything you ever need right here. When you have learned to be in this perfect now moment, without any extra thoughts or worries about the future, you will notice and learn, that things are now and always working in the best possible way. Always! I tell you about my own personal experience of trust and before I continue to enjoy my life here, in my wonderful nest in the cellar of these wonderful people, I can tell you also about what I would like to eat and about other practical issues.

My story could be like a story of any human being as well. Once again, do not think of us as something different, or so special, all this could have happened to any human just as it happened to me, a bird. I was born very late in the summer, there was not much time left before it was time to go to the south. My Mom noticed soon that I can’t fly and it was obvious that I had no time to learn. The others had to leave. What happened next changed everything.

This could have happened to any of you, right? I was not adult, but not a child anymore. (We birds grow up a little faster than you human beings, I guess you know that.) My mother gathered us children together and told us all, that because I could not fly, I would not join them. She said that I would have to leave the lake, to go a little further to a place where I think that I could survive. The most important thing she said was to follow my heart and trust that all is going to be in the best possible way and that I will make it and that we will meet again in the summer.

The others left and I was pretty sad to see them go, but I decided that I will see my mother again next summer and all the things that will happen to me from now on will be good. I do not know when the summer comes, the concept of time is a bit strange to me, but I know that when the snow is melting the summer is almost here. I walked for quite a long time and I thought that there must be somebody somewhere who can help me. I did not have a clue where I was going, but I was listening to the voice of my heart. Then one day I came to this yard and I saw the light in the window. My heart told me that those people do not look very dangerous and my heart told me to wait until the morning comes. And I was too tired to continue further anyway.

The next day the people of this house found me from the yard and they took me inside. I got my own nest and I got some food. Something in me knew that I had listened to my heart very well; and I had trusted all this time that nothing bad is going to happen to me. In my life so far, this has been the most important thing that has ever happened to me, and I can’t wait to tell that to the others! And that not all the people are bad. Also when it comes to people you just have to listen to your heart. I trusted something that was much, much bigger than I was, and I mean with this the whole situation.

(A note from Maiccu: How many people would have been devastated faced with the same situation? How many of us would be able to jump into the unknown and just trust the situation, no matter what it was?)

This winter I am determined to learn to fly, so that I know how to do it next summer. I have a good teacher, human being, who is teaching me. I am not going to give up and I would never tell anyone else to give up. I trust in myself, and I trust that I will learn. Trust in yourselves, that is the most important thing in trust. Nobody else can trust that you trust in yourself, do you understand?

Maiccu: What if you do not  learn to fly?

That is something I cannot know and I do not think about it.  Have you learned anything yet during the these moments? I do not think that what if I do not learn to fly, and I am definitely not going to worry about it. That thought would be destructive and I would give up right away. If I do not learn to fly, and that is quite possible, so then what? It’s not worth to even think about it now. Let’s think about that at the moment the summer comes. When the summer comes I hope I can go back to the lake to see when the others come home, I want to be there with them, no matter if I fly or not. I can swim anyway and what happens after that, I do not know, and neither do you and it is not worth to think about it. Everything has a meaning attached to it, and I know that when the time comes to leave I will miss this nest of mine these wonderful people made for me.

I don’t  know that much about the life of migratory birds yet, but I will learn more when the time comes. We live according to our instincts which are based on hundreds and thousands of years and we listen to the spirits of air. We can read the seasons and the time in our own way. We birds navigate in the web of love, it’s like a big worldwide map, in a way it is like the maps of humans, my Mom told me that when they were leaving. She said that we learn on the way all we need to know and that the trip is rough, also important, it is like a short life. My life had a different meaning, at least I got a chance to teach you something and maybe you have also learned something. I wish you will remember, that the greater the struggle, the greater the trust and you have nothing to worry about. We all are so much loved, and I know that I am loved. Don’t you think, that when a total stranger helps someone who is smaller and weaker than she is, that  it is a great proof of great love… How could I describe it to you any better? Well, I don’t have to, just love each other and trust yourselves, that is a lot said with only a few words. Love and trust. My Mother loved me and trusted me and you just have to trust in your own children and they will be safe.

You asked me what I would like to eat?

I get plenty of food and I am grateful for that. What I would eat in the nature is out there, in the bottom of the lake and you cannot get that for me. (The hundreds of thousands of Finnish lakes are frozen right now!)  I have tasted a little bit of fish when I was small, from my mother’s mouth, the fish would be good.

(Maiccu’s note: You can buy fish, for example herrings, and grind them for example with blender and make little fish balls, without flour or anything… Maybe you could try some  shrimps?!)

I have been given bread, and it is good, but I have never eaten that in the nature. All in all my situation is very good, I wait that the snow melts and there we are and we see what happens next. I live in this moment, but I wait for the things in the future, it is a bit different than with you humans. You live in the past and you worry about the future. I enjoy my life, you enjoy yours, and wait with enthusiasm for the future and be grateful for this moment and have some trust!

Maiccu’s note: I read about the goldeneye at Wikipedia and they talk about the food they eat a lot, there might be good tips. As I was writing this I saw very clearly that the goldeneye’s Mom gave her food from her mouth. At they say that goldeneyes do not feed their babies. Whatever the case, maybe this time Mom actually did feed her chick?

Thank you, little duck, these were great words about life, once again. Very touching indeed and anybody can easily relate to these experiences of this goldeneye.

Let’s trust that her wings will carry her!

January 16th, 2010


The little goldeneye was found dead in the morning of January 18th, 2010 in her very own nest, in the cellar where she was living. She probably died happy in her warm nest, and she did not freeze to death in the snow. That is a good thing.

This bird, ordinary bird, gave a huge lesson to us humans. She did not want to complain, she did not want our pity, her soul was hungry for joy, in this moment and that was all. Brave little bird walked a long way to share her words with us and to tell us more about The Web of Love. She may not have known when her journey started, that she will contribute to this issue, but The Universe knew. Nothing is meaningless in life.

The short life of this goldeneye showed as a great lesson about trust. Next time, when you are running out of trust, remember how the bird said to Maiccu: Have you learned anything yet?