I like it Big Talk

learning to speak animal article

Helloooo, October.

The energies of the Earth have shifted Big Time.

August & September are gone… for  good. (They were energetically quite  hellish months anyway.) Gotta admit, during the last couple of months or so some very strange things happened to me.

First of all, I quit eating meat.

I was suddenly unable to put meat into my mouth. (I have always l-o-v-e-d bacon & eggs, but now I have only eggs left. For now. I have no idea when they leave me… I never thought that I would become vegetarian. And I am  not vegetarian. I am not going to label myself, but for now, it is not possible for me to eat any meat. It feels like ‘The Computer Says No...”) My body is very strict with this. No. Meat.

Then I actually did quit the beloved Internet for a couple of weeks, deleted several useless online accounts, and was pretty much ready to set my computer on fire. (Gulp.) And finally – my body has gone nuts: it wants to bicycle 100+ kilometers every week. I just can’t sit down. I HAVE TO move. WTH?!

I thought this is something new…. under the sun.

How is your life? Nuts?

(I thought so.)

As the 1st of October arrived, I felt that there were some updates in the air, and  felt like coming back.

Most of all, I missed Tailbook.


Heather Faris was one of the animal communicators I added to the animal communicators list today. — As you can see above, she has been featured in Calgary Herald last year. — I like to share everything animal wisdom & animal communication related stuff here,  no matter where or how it was published, but as always, mass media is very careful about the way they talk about animal communicators and their articles are very “neat” and short – probably because they hardly know what they are talking about… ha ha. They hardly believe in what they write about, so there is no heart connection there. The articles often begin by “claims that s/he can talk with animals” or something like that.

It has always pissed me off… sorta.

If you are not doing something from the HEART, then why are you doing it in the first place? If you are not working/doing something from the heart, you are wasting our precious time on this precious planet… I dare to say everything else works from the place of love on this planet… except human beings.

Is that frustrating or what?

It actually was one of the reasons why I loved to edit The Power of Silent Wisdom e-magazine a few years ago, because the articles were literally written by the animals and they were deep and profound and they went straight to the heart of the readers… The words radiated unconditional love that could be felt in the heart: mine and the hearts of the readers as well.

Not a one issue was edited/translated without me shedding a tear or two, so needless to say that it is a huge pleasure to publish stuff like that for all to read…!!

There was no BS or small talk.

Nobody needed to ‘suggest’ anything to the readers.

It was pure, loving, animal talk.

Only Big Talk.


Oh, I like big talk.


In hope that there are other people on this planet who love Big Animal Talk as well, I have planted the idea for another (great) e-magazine.

See what the first issue of Tailbook Magazine is going to be talking about and see if you can contribute as an animal communicator.

It is time to speak animal, again.

Now, as I type this post I realize that the reason why I have been so bored/annoyed with Facebook and Twitter is the never-ending small talk. I miss animal talk. However, as a surviving mechanism, I have surrounded myself online all these years with the animal communicators and other intuitives, because they are the real deal… They talk animal. I have felt a bit more home among them.

So maybe I need to go back to my roots.

Tailbook Magazine is going to be the new animal media and it will kick the ass out of the mass media / social media.

It wants your heart – or nothing.

Press you later.

Tailbook Press is on Facebook  & Twitter, if you like to talk Big Talk. :o]

The seed has landed, and it needs love to grow.