Kindle books for animal communicator wannabes

101 cover lila
37 pages (estimated in Kindle Store)


Animal communicator Joan Ranguet has published some new books in Kindle store this fall. The purple one and the green one will help you to enhance your animal communication skills. The blue one concentrates on overall well-being of animals and their humans (obviously from the perspective of animal communication).

101 cover green
25 pages (estimated in Kindle Store)


So, if you are a fan of Joan Ranguet, you got some reading to do!

101 cover blue
51 pages (estimated in Kindle Store)

The previous AC 101 books by Joan give you the basic tools to begin your practicing.

I think the workbook (grey one) is important to remember (as a guide like the one Joan offers you — or as a simple note book) because you need to make notes in order to see your progress and how your methods and skills have evolved over the years… You also need something to inspire yourself to continue with the practicing.

Practicing makes perfect.

Hey, we all know that people are lazy by nature, so sometimes the biggest block you have, is a lack of inspiration that keeps you from practicing like a one badass natural born intuitive!


The next best thing you can do, is to trust what you get!

Keep an open mind – the people can lie (to others – or to themselves), but the energies never lie.

101 ac book
57 pages (estimated in Kindle Store)

Animal communication is all about reading different energies.

101 workbook ac
39 pages (estimated in Kindle Store)

Animals already read us, like we were an open book in front of them, but the good news is, you can do it, too.

Practice, practice, practice.

Badass Intuitives
Go for it!