November is Bunny Talk month

So, we got this Heart Based Living calendar project over here.

The next month is November (duh!) and it was quite natural to use Bean the bunny’s quote from the article pet psychic Laura Stinchfield wrote in Santa Barbara Independent couple of years ago, when she asked what her pets are grateful for. All the answers were heart warming, the bunny talk reminds about the law of attraction as well: we do create our own reality, every day, every second, with our thoughts, expectations and especially with our emotions.

Hell, yes, it is one difficult, yet exciting lesson to be learned in this moment of human evolution on Earth.

Enjoy your November… It is the darkest time of the year on these latitudes and sometimes hard to bear.

Remember the Bunny Talk and take a walk outside in the nature or near the trees or waterside to ground yourself.

Think before you think…


november 2014 with bunny quote

This calendar sheet is available as PDF & Word Document: Heart Based Living Calendar November 2014 by Tailbook.

I hope it works for you: I do not have a printer at the moment, so somebody else has to be the print test dummy.