The healing presence of animals – and flies

amelia kinkade

I think we all – who have had pets in our lives –  know and understand that the presence of our beloved pets is healing for us. They send us love and they calm our beating hearts and raging minds in seconds, just by looking at us with their eyes or by letting us to pet them. As an energy healer, I would also add that they often clear negative energies from our homes, gardens and our bodies  – but even if we do not understand how all that magic works, deep down in our human hearts we just know that they are good to us.

Cats have a reputation as healers, even in these modern times: the infographic of cat purring is making its rounds all over the social media.

The mystery of feline is getting out of the bag… ;o}

I was pretty excited to hear this week, when animal communicator Amelia Kinkade said in Speak To The Animals Summit 2.0 interview  that she is actually working with one of the Italy’s top cancer doctor to do some experiments of the effects of animals in healing in the hospitals and universities.

Some of us already know that the cats have been great healers beside humanity, ever since the times of Atlantis or Lemuria:

healing cats quote


Also Diana Cooper has written a chapter about animals in Atlantis in her book Discover Atlantis, and the quote below enlightens the mind of the reader about the cats and their role in those times.

diana cooper cats and atlantis

I know the similar kind of cat healers were purring also in ancient Egypt (like my man, Mr. Purri), but interestingly so, Diana mentions in her book that especially the big cats were later working with the Pharaos!

There were no other animals during the times of Atlantis – as the ones listed in the book: cows, horses, deer, chickens, goats, sheep, bees, dogs, rabbits, pigs, birds, fish, red squirrels, rats & mice and dolphins – however Diana mentioned that mosquitoes & flies were astral entities.

(Boy, do I sometimes wish they were astral again!)

Diana writes: In low frequency times, when humans were intensely irritated, they projected their anger and frustration powerfully out into the ethers. This eventually became a thought form, which materialized into matter and the mosquito was born. Like dark forces, mosquitoes continue to serve us by rousing our irritation or by being attracted to us when we are annoyed. —  Flies as well, are created by the buzzing, angry thought forms of humans. [Duh! (May I add.)] They are the downside of human’s power to co-create with the Divine. Once Atlantis fell, the world started opening up and people traveled. The ecological principles that had been developed in pure Atlantis were no longer followed. Waste became a problem and with it, flies spread and proliferated.

During the Golden Age of Atlantis, animals and people were friends. They loved and honored each other, Diana continues.

There was no fear or danger and many animals were part of the family.

At least we have many animals as family members these days, and we treat them with kindness and respect, accepting gracefully their love as part of our every day life – even if we do not know all of their secrets.

Heck, I know I will check the levels of my irritation or anger mode next time I meet mosquitoes/flies.

That would be the next spring, I assume.

(I had some severe issues with the flies last summer and I was wondering about that… — Because the angrier I got about their never-ending buzzing, the more there seemed to be flies. I was actually wondering that there was a connection. Now I got my answer.)

But if we get back to Amelia Kinkade, she also said:

 …What we already know is that the presence of an animal, if a child is having a surgery, presence of an animal will help that child not going to shock, they lose less blood, people in hospitals spend less time in hospitals, if they have animals at home. In pet assisted therapy people will recover quicker… What we know about cats is that they  lower your blood pressure, they regulate your brain waves, they regulate your breathing, they regulate your heartbeat, and that’s what  little we know about them. I have known some cats that have had some healing stories. When you’re sick your cat will go right to the injured part of the body and lie on it… that is the fact. Those stories come from all over the world. And not only will the cat identify, where the problem is, the cat knows they have the ability to help heal you and they actually have the loving heart, and to want to go to do that. Now, we have a lot to learn…  Humans do not treat each other that way, and cats treat us that way…!

I am so bloody grateful that I have Mister Purri here with me.

He knows what I need – even when I don’t – and his purring is a blessing in disguise.