How to guide your human by Dude the horse – Part 2

The story of Dude continues as he moves to his new home. Great that he had a chance to say his goodbyes to his friends. Animals love that. They have exactly the same emotional scale we humans do.

Energy Healing For Your Pet

Fall of my 22nd year – written in “horse time”

Dude cropped Dude at Shadow Creek

Hi.  This is Dude again. Here is the second part of my story.  If you missed it, look for Part 1 posted Dec. 8.

This is second part of my story of how my move from Shadow Creek Stable to Klein Farm transpired.  I’ll take you through the day before and first day there.

Day before my move:  Today Ann  and some other equine-guided coaches at the new farm performed a ritual at Klein Farm to prepare the other horses and farm for my arrival.   As soon as they started, I joined them in spirit and Ann felt me there and told the others.  She’s learning!  Sis, Cosmo and Victor were just outside the barn  They called in the four directions (a wonderful Native American ritual from my Appaloosa heritage) and set an…

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