Love hits the fan in this divine puzzle

Purri by O-Lea 2013

We had a quiet Christmas time with Mr. Purri in the cave.

We read books, knitted socks, hiked half a marathon and avoided social media & the Internet altogether.

We cuddled in the mornings: my Sacred Birman is quite persistent what it comes to cuddling in the morning and we stared at the fire a lot together. His (and my own) ancient Egyptian roots cross my mind often, since he told me earlier this year via animal communicator that he was there – among dozens of other temple cats – with me.

It blows my mind that this is his second time with me in my current life. It blows my mind how beautiful he is, how magnificent his white paws are. He is a cat I never would have chosen – it was obvious that he chose me. He came to with only 12 hour warning and here we are…

It certainly blows my mind that he is a Sacred Birman. Because I see him as a sacred soul every time I watch into his majestic, piercingly blue eyes. I absolutely adore his white paws and I can not get enough of them kneading (with a loud background purring) on the bed. They are so beautiful and I consider them very special and I tell him almost every day that I love his paws. Or his eyes, and his ears, and his tail…. and his cat presence in my life.

He might be partly a mystery to me, but now I know that we have always been together, and always will be. (His own words.)

Well. I am not alone with this one. :o)

I have seen so many people telling the same story: my cat was a temple cat in Ancient Egypt…!

Heck, even Venus the dog, soul companion of the famous Diana Cooper said that she wears her dark mark around her eye to remind everybody that she was a very special queen dog in Ancient Egypt, with many gifts…! (See Venus: A Diary of a Puppy and Her Angel in Kindle Store: UK or US.)

the ark cat chapter

And as like attracts like, I found another Ancient Egyptian temple cat from Susan Vaughn‘s book Dispatches from the Ark: Pages from a Pet Psychic’s Notebook. (Kindle Editions in UK & US.)

Every time I looked at the picture of Pythia the cat, I wanted to laugh out loud. I suspected she was telling me she was a very funny and entertaining kitty with a great sense of humor and mischief. The image showed her rolling on her back, and a picture came alive in my mind of someone touching her belly, causing her to sprint away.

I began my “chat” with Pythia by asking about her life before she came to live with her current caretakers, Sharon and Dennis. It took her some time to connect with a life before the current one, so I prompted her by asking if she were a rescue animal.

No, she said, showing me her picture as a very young cat, but a little older than a kitten, when she came to live in her present home.

Pictures of a woman feeding her played in my head, but I was also aware of autonomy — not in the sense of her being a feral animal, but in a lack of emotional attachment to her caretaker.

Did she love you? I asked her silently, a bit confused.

She took care of me, she said, but not love like I get now. I would soon learn she had been fostered by a wonderful woman, so the emotional detachment made a lot of sense. Although she was being cared for, she knew she wouldn’t stay there for good.

Tuning in to Pythia’s body, I heard a message about problems with her eyes and an eye infection. She let me know that Sharon had helped her clear this up with medication. As my consciousness traveled down her body, Pythia seemed to have something on her back foot. She showed me a flicking motion cats make when they have an annoying piece of tape on one of their paws, like trying to sling it off, but she said it was no longer a problem.

Pythia also had a heartache, a childhood hurt centering around a lack of emotional bonding with her mom cat and people. She said she was learning to bond with people now and enjoyed the comfort of regular meals and a warm house.

cat talks about kneading

I knead my humans and other cats because I didn’t get enough time with my mom when I was just a kitten, she showed me.

As the session continued, a warm feeling came over me as I imagined myself down on the rug with her. I “felt” the luxury of Sharon’s exotic rugs. Pythia loved the textiles, and I felt a blast of warm air as she luxuriated on the rugs, so I assumed it meant she parked herself in front of the heater or fireplace while rolling around on the carpets.

I understand that you enjoy the indoors. How do you feel about going outside? I asked her.

As I took her to the door in my mind’s eye, she backed up, demonstrating she wasn’t that keen about leaving the house, especially during bad weather. She liked the outdoors only when it was sunny. And she indicated that rain gave her the shivers as a chill washed over me accompanied by a picture of a downpour.

During our chat, Pythia really opened up, showing me that she loved to stalk. A bird and bug watcher, she also enjoyed hiding in a group of plants and annoying other cats by jumping out on them as they passed by. Sharing her more mischievous side, she said she had been caught scratching forbidden objects like the couch.

As I investigated how she interacted with her people, she said she preferred a little distance to sitting in a lap, and enjoyed perching on the back of the couch. When Sharon was sick and resting, she would join the other group of cats on Sharon’s bed, but curl up farthest away from Sharon.

Pythia said she had a relationship with crystals and showed me a crystal in her water bowl. Fascinated by looking down into the water at it, she was able to tune in to the subtle energy of the stone, getting a physical boost from the radiating light.

As many cats do, she loved tree bark as a scratch post and enjoyed a good upward stretch. She told me she could be possessive of food and her food bowl.

I’m a daddy’s girl, she said, showing me images of happily following Dennis around the house and outdoors.

As our chat came to an end, Pythia showed me earrings on her ears and a past life as an Egyptian temple cat. She liked jewelry and would definitely go for a fancy collar.

Notice my fancy white feet, she pointed out. They’re not like any other cat’s markings here.

Oh, I loved that… The white paws… the crystals. Mr. Purri seems to enjoy crystals as well.

charging crystals by olea

So it seems, time and time again, that as many lives as we have traveled in time (alas, literally, since time is an exclusive illusion of the 3D earth) and dipped the toes of our souls into the dark, stormy or mysteriously intriguing waters of this blue planet – just as many lives has our animal soul companions traveled beside us.

Mr. Purri let me know that he is my “soul cat”. And I do believe him. I can see the very same look or soul essence in his eyes I saw in the eyes of my late cat, who left me almost two decades ago. And no, this life is not only about us: he had his own soul lessons to learn before we “found” each again in this life: he was already 7 years old when he came to me in 2012. He had been living a very different life before the time with me.

What it comes to special marks in the body, I am also in awe of the nasty birth marks I carry in my own body. I was an animal communicator, a seer, in my Egyptian life and communicated with all life back then. But then I got killed because of it: I got stabbed with a sword and that mark is still visible in my left side. I have also another stabbing wound in my arm and one on my head, so the marks we carry from life to life might carry quite different meanings.

Some of us are queen dogs, some of us are priestesses… and we do have many hidden talents back in the archives.

It is is puzzle, but we know that the meaning of life  IS a puzzle  is LOVE, so nothing new under the sun, huh?

I have always “known” that the birth marks I carry are signs from my previous lives. That is something I thought about even when I was just a child. Nobody else had such a huge birth marks than I did. I have never really talked about it with anyone – ever – but as I mentioned it to pet psychic Edwina Gustafson in an e-mail after she communicated with Mr. Purri in May, she totally confirmed my beliefs. That is exactly the way it is…!

My left side has been obviously half dead ever since that lifetime in Egypt… It has been stirring with life, however, in the energies of the end of 2014. The energies have hit the earth in a lighting speed. It seems that the dance of the Universe is pulsing through our veins and triggering our souls and helping us to find our very own moves… Moves that might rock the boat we are all in, but ever so gently and with a lot of love and profound understanding.

Nobody knows what is to come, we have agreed to the rules of the puzzle a very long time ago. Not a one single person knows what is to come – spiritual or not… Only recently, in my own heart, I suddenly came to the conclusion that spirituality has nothing to do with the universal forces we are faced with in this moment of (spiritual) human evolution. I have never liked that some people consider themselves to be “more spiritual” than others = better than others, so that they can be seen as “gurus” or “masters”. We are all masters and pupils and the roles change in the wink of an eye, hundreds of times in one day, so the lines are blurry. In the end, we are all powerful, masters and co-creators of energies and everything “we think we are” on this planet is, more or less, well, an illusion.

I think we are going to lose our grip on the illusions. And it will be mind boggling and heart warming.

2015 is just one great piece in the never-ending puzzle of life and love.

Whatever hits the fan on the other side of 2014 (the year of the sheep), we got our backs covered, because we have our animal soul companions beside us all the way, just like we have our soul families. I am so grateful for all the animals on this planet… (I even quit eating meat in 2014: my body said No-Way.)

Soul families come in all shapes and sizes, and no, soul family is not necessarily the family you share your blood and genes with: soul family is the family of the heart. I know that much. And sure I know I have been blessed with some ass kicking soul companions that blow my mind from here to eternity. I am very grateful for that, even though some of them have kicked my ass so hard that I have been bruised from the inside out and to hell and back. To the degree that I have hated humanity fiercely, and I still do not trust it completely. (Probably never will, so get used to it.)

It is all part of the – oh, so divine – puzzle.

All I can do is to listen to my heart and I hope you are brave enough to do the same.

Head has nothing to do with this stuff. Nada. But love does, and love is the ultimate truth there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be. It is love that hits the fan. Every. Bloody. Time. Especially when you get killed by a sword, a gun or some nasty poison… and then decide to come back here, to play the same game all over again.

Holy crap!

Are we crazy or what?!

It just blows my mind that my soul cat has wanted to play this game of reincarnations with me. (And that it is the same thing with all the other cats/animals on this planet…!) I am very intrigued to know what other lives we have shared together with Mr. Purri. The relation between soul animals and their humans is so intriguing to me that I absolutely want to learn more about it… Every day. I can’t believe what they are going through, only because they have chosen to play this crazy puzzle beside us, instead of just hanging around at the Rainbow Bridge and enjoying their life to the fullest.

And I do wonder, what happened to those dozens (hundreds?) of temple cats when I was killed? Did the animal communicator/seer/psychic medium hating mob kill all the cats, too?


Those are the muddy waters of oblivion that still wait to be cleared.

It is so very exciting to see there are so many temple cats and queen dogs to remind us, what we are all about. As much as I appreciate (because on a soul level they are doing absolutely a brilliant job…!) my human soul family and all the (bloody) lessons they have given me, I must admit that I appreciate my animal soul family more than ever and I can’t wait to meet the new year with them and listen to their wisdom. Oh yeah, and thanks goes also to the great moose I met in the forest couple of days ago and she surely scared the shit out of me! What a thrill!

I did not know I could type this long: we got 25- Celsius degrees and counting and my fingers are freezing.


And the wild one, the grey cat? She is not that wild anymore: she sleeps inside the house.

She is another mystery, but at least for now, a mystery that is safe from the freezing cold.

I hope you are safe, too, in these winds of change upon us.

Have a great, sparkling New Year!

I know You sparkle.

Keep your soul animal(s) safe and talk to them, so that they know that all is well.


All. Is. Well. That is the absolute Truth. ;o}

See you on the other side.

Yours, Lea (typing) & Mr. Purri (sleeping and pissed off, because the laptop takes his place on my lap)