A piece of poem to chew

communicating with animals

This book is almost 20 years old. I read it for the first time when Mr. Purri was with me in his (her at the time) previous body. I’ve been reading “weird” books all my life, but this one truly left me speechless back then. I was almost horrified with the thought that animals can understand everything… I was spying my poor cat with a very suspicious eyes & mind – until I pushed the whole idea back to my unconsciousness. I was not ready and willing to sink my teeth to this animal communication.

I took my time to let the wisdom of animals fill my heart completely.

I blame the stubborn genes.

This book has several  poems from animals in it and here’s one for all the poetic minds out there.

Arthur Myers: Communicating With Animals:

Penelope Smith, possibly the best known of current animal communicators and teachers of the craft, is a poet in her own right, and includes her poetry throughout her book Animals . . . Our Return to Wholeness.

She also includes poetry from animals, in one case from her Afghan hound, Popiya. She writes that in doing counseling with Popiya after the dog had had a seizure she found that Popiya had, in a former life as a Jewish boy, died in a German concentration camp. Penelope writes in her book:

In the course of counseling Popiya, I discovered that I had known her when she was the young German boy. I was an Austrian Jewish man, and we had crossed paths on a truck taking us to the concentration camps. She had shared some of her poetry with me on the way. In her Afghan form, Popiya dictated a series of haunting poems of her feelings from that life and her struggles to come to terms with herself, which I call “The Popiya Series.”

The first section of the poetry, dated 23 January 1978, is as follows:

I am alone in my vision

And the breeze that haunts me
Is of ages past
Friends gone
Poems lost in the wind.
Brutality claimed my art
My gift to the world
Of rhyme and gentle song. 

I caress the day and the sun
In this warm land
Where comfort and love
Ease my mind and coax my tongue
Once again to reach out
To dare to be myself. 

Through my friend
My words are written
I ask in quietness
Edging from my sorrow
To have them heard. 

I am again here
Peering softly from my hiding
To say hello.
My tears speak
My joy from wells below the pain
Is touched and aches
To touch you, too. 

Hello, I want to say

Do not speak loudly
Caress me gently with your smile
And let me put my head
Close to your hand or foot
I am here again



I was just as much horrified about a decade later, when an angel teacher – a student of famous Diana Cooper – blurted out: “Well, no need to be shy in the bed room, duh. The angels have already seen everything there is to see,” while laughing heartily.

Talk about TMI!

It took a while to let that sink in, too.


There is a time and place for everything.

If it fits your heart, it sinks in.

If it doesn’t, move on, and keep on looking for the perfect pieces that actually fit your heart and make you happy.

I intend to sink my teeth to this marvellous book again: this time in English, so nothing gets lost in translation. The book might be an old one, but it is one of the best introductions to the world of animal communicators, and you meet dozens of amazing animal communicators in it. For example Penelope Smith, Anita Curtis, Marta Williams, Carol Gurney, Nedda Wittels, Griffin Kanter, Kate Solisti-Mattelon, Raphaela Pope, Teresa Wagner and so on.