Surrounded by contract lovers

This post has been coming a long time.

It is a longer one.

I began to write it before I got into hospital, and now I decided to post it.

It is timely writing, helping me to heal all kinds of wounds… and maybe it helps you, too. You never know. Life is that kind of a puzzle that you can never really know when or where the next piece of puzzle hits you.

It is also my declaration to the universe: Animal Kingdom – I salute You with all of my scarred heart.

soul contract lovers

There are as many soul contracts, as there are stars in the sky… They are impossible to count, unfortunately most of them are also impossible to remember, if you happen to be human… and it can make life… interesting.

(Which is probably an understatement of the year 2015.)

The soul contracts that we have with each other – and with our animals/pets – are never random. On a soul level we know that; so there is no useless fuss or negative drama beyond the physical plane.

No matter how hard we try to make “sense” of all the things that take place on earth and in our everyday lives, with our super control freak human minds, it is all in vain.

So, sadly, we use endless amounts of energy (often negative, like hate or resentment), words, time or money to make sense of something that we could easily understand – if we looked deep into our hearts.

We are being ridiculous – that much we have been alienated from our heart center.

Living in the NOW would help a lot.

Animals show us how to live in this perfect moment everyday, so we live and learn with our amazing, furry or not so furry soul companions.

As soon as we calm down and turn to seek for the answers – to the questions that nag inside our minds – from our heart, we can see how and why the things (“the good”, “the bad” and “the ugly” – or “the beautiful”) actually happen. Many of the things we come across are lessons, but they are always lessons in l-o-v-e, because there is nothing else than love out there: the web of love that naturally and very gracefully connects us all and keeps us tightly together.

I see animal communication (as well as plant communication) as a great tool to open our eyes and hearts to see deeper into our own, perfect nature, our divine blueprint, which is always nothing but pure, shining light.

As the puppies said (see the book excerpt) they choose to see our best parts – and nothing else… because nothing else really matters to them.

If only we could learn to see our own light… instead of all the faults.

The web of love is an amazing place and there is no room for judgement there. There are only the things (people, animals, situations, locations and so on) we draw to us, with our own energy, with our thoughts or with our powerful feelings. We create our life – with soul contracts, before we even come here and later with our personal energy, when we are here.

We are the creators – yet we seem to stumble in the dark, feeling unimportant, and so very often we keep on blaming others [or God(s] for everything that ever happens to us… In the end all the fellow Gods and Goddesses around us are the ones who have been doing all kinds of things in our lives… because we have asked them to do so.

We are angels to each other, walking and talking teachers and guides to each other.

Every moment can be and IS a learning experience.

It is the school of life – the most important of all the schools, in my opinion.

And it is a school where we have made soul contracts also with animals.

A good reminder of that was found in Christine Agro‘s interview back in 2007:

no random on a soul level

Nothing is random, not a one pet that falls onto your lap.

They are teachers, spiritual masters and guides.

anna 1

Animals can help us to heal ourselves. They make us laugh. They also make us cry when they travel back to the Rainbow Bridge and leave their physical bodies behind.

Often these moments are wake-up calls for our hearts.

Many people seek for the services of animal communicators when they grieve for their pets (as well as human beloved ones) – and nothing is the same after that step, because the power of love reaches from here to eternity – from here to the Rainbow Bridge.

Most of my life I have been among people who blame others or circumstances or genes or whatever for all the “shit” they have in their life.It is so much easier to play the blame game, to embrace the numb hug of victimhood and cry yourself to sleep, rolling in self pity, while slinging curses to the universe… It is like playing Angry Birds-game, only without realizing that every damn curve ball is coming back to you, sooner or later, in one form or the other… Because you are feeding that energy with all of your might.

We are never victims on a soul level… and (self) pity is not a healing, life supporting, emotion — that is why also the animals always tell us NOT to pity them. They ask for love and positive support instead.

I guess pity game is right next to blame game in our human minds.

Been there, done that. I think we all have…

I can share an old pillow monologue of mine with you, if you like.

Because this planet is one of the rare places, where it is actually possible to be born as an “unwanted” child, I chose to be one of those babies, to be born out of a very ugly situation.

(BTW: In another puppy excerpt the puppies talk about puppy mills – these babies are also born “without love”, but with a great purpose – and they keep their eyes on their mission – not the gruesome surroundings…)

(Well, I am not trying to compare myself to puppy mills, but the soul’s will to be born here and learn and experience stuff and keep the signed contracts is so damn powerful that we are ready and willing to come here in all kinds of ways – also the ugly ways. Sometimes we are unbelievably “broken” already in birth. Just for the learning experience of it.)

Often, this kind of  (painful) soul contracts and favors are among the most precious ones and are an honor, and like I have probably said earlier: those who love you the most, are the ones that hurt you the most….  so a situation that looks like hate in our human eyes can actually be a great deed on a soul level.

Holy crap, the people that I trusted most, did the ugliest imaginable deeds to me…!

And I never learned the dynamics of a “normal” family life. (Which is actually not a bad thing after all…;o) And I felt “different”, especially when I was young. I hurt.

Now I know it is good to be different… because then you are much closer to your Own Light. The purpose you came here for. The bigger than life stuff.

Took a lifetime to get over my scars and see the light.

And I am still not completely healed, but I will be.

So basically, that is what love does: pushes us out of our comfort zones, where the life lessons really kick into gear and stretch the soul beyond its “limits”.

Sometimes we are contract killers, sometimes we are contract lovers.

We make choices, sometimes as humans, sometimes as animals.

It is all a role play.

We are the ones who make all these decisions on a soul level, way before our time here. It does not make the inner work easier, even though you know that there lies a meaning in everything that ever happens. Most of us simply dull the pain with pills or alcohol or whatever poison of their own choosing, rather than face the lessons we came here to learn – and move on to higher levels of understanding.

Good grief, I was pissed with my broken, pathetic family, for decades…!

There were “idiots” generation after generation…!

Ugly,  nasty, loveless people.

Or so I thought.

A few years ago one medium mentioned that my dad (who is in spirit) actually has a rainbow colored aura around him, showing that he is a great soul. It was not easy to accept it after knowing how ugly things he did while living on earth, acting as my “dad”. (I hated him and was always scared of him and fortunately met him only a few times when I was a kid.) It was shown (via medium) that he had literally inherited his aggressive behavior from his own dad, who was aggressive son of a bitch and an alcoholic – because he was intelligent, but was never allowed to go to school and he was frustrated to hell and back. A victim of his own life circumstances, never able to do the inner work to get out of the vicious circle of pain.

It took a while for me to see the pattern and accept it – and move on.

Oh yeah, I am still an “unwanted” child deep inside me.

However, now I know that I was the one who made these choices & asked for it (it was never God who made me suffer… it was me and it happened with a little help from the perfectly planted souls around me), and make no mistake about it: I would never, ever be the person I am now without all the seemingly “ugly” or “random” or raw life experiences on my path…!

So, grateful I am.

We are angels for each other – for better or for worse. There is no way to talk ourselves out of it. We are a team, we do teamwork every day, every night… We just suffer from a severe case of amnesia and forget all the important parts.

Living heart based life helps.

That is why I always talk about it. Even if I am unable to lead it myself, I still talk about it!


The truth is in the heart of the beholder, if I may say so.

Love is the answer, no matter what the question. And love can never be found from the mind, its home is in the Heart.

Life is not random and life is not black and white.

Like my late dad showed me: on a soul level fifty shades of fucked up often turn into all the colors of the rainbow. We are made of light, even in our darkest moments.

So I try not to judge anyone. I have not the right do do so, because I do not know all the soul contracts out there… Everybody has a certain mission in life and not all of them are labeled “good” if you look at them through the lenses of social rules, religious rules or cultural rules.

Look with the heart and see what the fuss is really all about… and let go.

Dwelling in the negative past is not a way to move on.

Big. Lesson. Here.

Taught to us by animals so many times…

And as easy as it would be to think that all the “negative” lessons come from the humans, and all the “positive” lessons come from the animals, it is not always the case. Sometimes a snake that bites you has a bigger than life lesson to give you. (We heard that straight from the mouth of a snake in The Power of Silent Wisdom, issue 6!) Sometimes the pet that destroys your house has a great lesson to teach… to your heart. Not necessarily an easy one…

The soul contracts we have with our pets are priceless gifts. Well, I am not trying to belittle the lessons learned with the help of the fellow humans, but frankly, I am a bit bored with the human lessons, and rather concentrate on animals… he he.

My cat broke my heart when she “left” me last time in this life, but that pain eventually lead me to seek for more answers and helped me to find amazing nuggets of wisdom from the animal kingdom. Kind of wisdom I have never seen before.

Heart based wisdom, without any judgement, cruelty or useless labels.

You can’t label life!

The pets are never random when they come to our lives (even the adopted ones have great soul missions, indeed, even if they stay with you only for a little while). They are mind-blowing friends – even when they have forgotten what a friend is – like happened to a horse named Mocha.

Never underestimate the power of unconditional love.

And the fact that it comes in all shapes and sizes – and races and breeds.

We meet all kinds of talking, walking or barking lessons, because we asked them to meet us here, at a perfect moment.

There is a reason – a spiritual one – for everything that ever happens, so there is always a solution – a spiritual one – behind the illusions we might see as “problems”.

There are no problems. There is just… life.

Crazy life… ha ha. My grandmother said “this crazy family” when she talked to me via medium.

Well put, granny.

Crazy it is. But it made me see the beauty behind the beast.

Heart based living is what animals can teach us, but they also teach us, how to play – and have fun while at it. (I mean fun on earth level – the soul is always having fun on a soul level… Those damned souls of ours – they are having a blast all the time… I know my Higher Self is laughing like an idiot…! Don’t ask me why she does such a thing – I have no idea…  The joke is most of the time completely lost on me. ;o)


Appreciate the paper work you did before you came here.

You have signed a lot of contracts… and some of the best ones are made with pets: the true contract lovers.

I have to admit that as much as I appreciate in this moment all the “idiots” – who have given me plenty of opportunities to learn more about myself – I surely would like to continue on this path…  and to keep on working with animals and nature & their wisdom.

I choose animals. I choose life lessons with animals. 

Let this be my black on white contract with the animal kingdom.

Humanity is fine. I can live with it.

But the wisdom of animals is what I will be seeking for, it is what my heart craves.

They speak straight to my heart and every word I hear is healing, soothing and loving.

There is no talk like animal talk.

It has been a big part of my own healing process during all these years as an animal communication advocate.

Because animals have no hidden agendas. They do not love you because you are a mother, or a Pope or a gorgeous girlfriend/boyfriend or a famous actor – or whatever: they just love you. That is how it should be.

You know how much I love animal wisdom, if you have been reading this blog.

Live and learn is what life is all about.

Live heart based life and learn is what Tailbook is all about.

We press the good stuff – even if it hurts.


Oh, yeah.

I am so ready for this new year.

Let’s roll.

Just give me a moment to heal my wounds.

Laughing (and crying) still hurts a bit and I walk like a mummy… but I walk.

[If you wish to do some inner work, to take responsibility of your own energy and/or actions, get your hands on Intuition Deck: it is now available for free (as PDF). It is a book I wrote while stumbling down my own spiritual path – with colored pencils in my hand. Good thing I did not stab myself with them – the surgeon’s knife was quite enough, thank you. ;o)]